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Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is Italy at its most picturesque, with colourful villages, clifftop restaurants and fascinating culture and history. The perfect backdrop to explore on a luxury superyacht charter.

This is an example of an eight day private yacht charter itinerary along Italy's Amalfi Coast. Itineraries are created individually for every client based around personal preferences and how you want to spend your time onboard.

Day 1


Culture & Cuisine

Join your luxury yacht in Naples where cuisine, music, architecture and history collide. The historic city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a glimpse into a 27 centuries of human history. Cruise to Castellammare del Stabio and visit the remains of the ancient town of Pompeii which was buried in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Houses, thermal baths, the amphitheatre and even graffiti on the walls are well preserved providing an absolutely fascinating picture of "daily" life
Sorrento, Bay of Naples
Day 2


Volcanic Views

Wake up in the pretty holiday town of Sorrento overlooking the spectacular Bay of Naples with clear views of Mount Vesuvius. Shop in the boutiques along Via San Cesareo; Sorrento is famous for its marquetry, items made with elaborately designed inlaid wood. Visit local craftsmen and buy a beautiful souvenir before sipping Sorrento’s most famous export, Limoncello, made from the zest of local Femminello lemons, in one of the town’s pretty pavement cafes.
Nerano, Amalfi Coast
Day 3


Secret Beaches

The small village of Nerano nudges gorgeous beaches only accessible by water, perfect for exploring on a yacht. Jump in the tender to find your favourite, and relax in the sun with views of the greater Campania region. Spend the afternoon swimming, kayaking or paddleboarding, or sunbathe on the yacht’s sundeck. For dinner ashore, restaurant Quattro Passi restaurant is highly recommended.
Day 4


Step Into History

The tiny colourful village of Amalfi is a pretty town with sunny piazzas and a pleasant port. Don’t miss a tour of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which dates to the 11th century and still serves as the grand architectural sight in the centre of town. The interior is Baroque, the façade is Byzantine and the bronze statue of St. Andrew was sculpted by a student of Michelangelo’s. The feast of St. Andrew is held June 25-27, perfect for summer charters.
Isle of Capri
Day 5


Luxury Island

Under power or sail, a cruise to the Isle of Capri is always refreshing, with fresh sea air and aquamarine views as far as the eye can see. Meander around the luxury shops and boutiques that line the harbour, swim in the glow of the famous Blue Grotto, or stroll along the Belvedere of Tragara, a high promenade of villas and fantastic views. Lunch under the lemon trees at Da Paolino is recommended.
Ponzo, Amalfi Coast
Day 6


Natural Healing

Ponza is thought to be the island of Circe, in Homer's Odyssey, who cast her spell on Odysseus and seduced him. Take a tour of Ponza with Joe Il Taxi, a New York-born cabbie who was also seduced by the island. Visit Cala Corallo, the jewellery shop of Alessandra Ravenna, ex-designer for Vera Wang, who was also drawn to Ponza, where she creates exquisite pieces from coral, shells, silver and gold. Experience the wellness program at the Grand Hotel Santa Domitilla in the natural seawater grotto.
Ischia, Amalfi Coast
Day 7


Thermal Gardens and Natural Springs

The thermal spas and hot springs of the volcanic island of Ischia are renowned for their healing properties. Escape to one of the island’s thermal gardens or natural springs, such as Poseidon or Negombo, the Terme Ischia spa or the hot springs in Panza. You’ll also find shady forests, vineyards and a collection of small towns and beaches. After a visit to the island’s botanical gardens, enjoy a local dinner ashore, or return to your charter yacht for gourmet dining under the stars.
Procida, The Bay of Naples
Day 8


Enchanting Island

A short hop from Ischia is its baby sister Procida, an enchanting island lined with pastel-coloured houses. The Bay of Naples’ smallest island is also its best-kept secret; Procida can be compared to a stripped back Portofino and is refreshingly real. The most picturesque spot on the island is Marina Corricella. Have a morning coffee on the waterfront with its painted fishing-boats before your final cruise back to Naples aboard your private yacht, ready for your onward flight.
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