Yacht Management

One simple reason why owners & captains
choose YPI yacht management: it works
Our People
The YPI team understands the intricacies of running a yacht as well as the very real concerns of captains and owners.Recruited from shipping and yachting our Fleet Managers are ex-captains, ex-chief engineers and ex-Lloyds surveyors of note.
Our Relations
Many captains have had bad experiences with yacht management companies as staff try to micro-manage the yacht. The YPI team works with captains and their crew not over them. They support the captain with all the connections, networks and know-how he needs to get his job done well.
Our Influence
More than 40 years in the business gives YPI Management the network and the negotiating power to get things done quickly and cost effectively - whether it is sourcing and delivering parts to the yacht, dealing with Port State Controls or MLC issues – our support makes a difference.
Our Focus
YPI Fleet Managers handle fewer yachts per person than most other providers in the industry - that ensures better care and attention for each and every one of our owners and their captains.
Our Service
Aside from providing a comprehensive range of New-Build, Financial, Technical, Operational, Class & Statutory Certification and Crew services (see opposite), our success also lies in the way these services are introduced, operated and managed for the overall smooth running of the yacht.
360° marine approach
Being part of one of the world’s leading and longest running shipping groups (BRS) and having one of yachting’s longest running brokerage, charter and crew divisions working alongside our Yacht Management team, ensures our owners and captains have full access to an unparalleled level of support.
Our result
Yacht Management is so often a balancing act between varying demands and high expectations. Ultimately, it is about getting results for both owners and captains. After 40 years of working with generations of clients, we think we have found the way to always strike a balance that works for each yacht.

YPI Recommends


  • Reviewing Specification for new construction
  • Preparing Budget and set-up cost for new project
  • Assistance with Flag and Class registration
  • Assistance with Plan and drawings approval
  • Purchasing and shipment of set-up deliveries
  • Setting up newbuild Management Team
  • Attendance to shipyard
  • Sea trial and commissioning of equipment
  • Negotiating and settling warranty claims

Financial & accounting support

  • Set-up & maintenance of dedicated Yacht Management bank account
  • Yacht accounting and book keeping
  • Provision of Debit Card to the Yacht
  • Worldwide petty cash transfer
  • On-board accounting software and Training
  • Preparation of Budgets
  • Verification and Payment of Invoices
  • Monthly & Annual reporting

Crew Management & Offshore Payroll

  • Set-up of dedicated crew employment structure offshore
  • Offshore Payroll and issue of payslips
  • Crew recruitment
  • Crew qualifications vetting
  • Provision of approved Seafarer Employment Agreement (MLC)
  • Crew Confidentiality Agreements
  • Maintenance of crew documentation
  • Organising Crew training on request
  • Forwarding services of crew mails and packages

Insurance management support

  • Negotiating the best coverage for the most competitive premium whether it is for Hull & Machinery, P&I, Crew Medical, water toys or Fine Art
  • General administration of owner's yacht insurance
  • Negotiating and settling claims affecting Yacht and Crew

Yacht statutory certification management

  • Assistance with Yacht Registration
  • Organising and preparing the Yacht for Flag & Class inspections and audits
  • Provision of ISM/Mini ISM* services with 24/7 DPA services
  • Maintenance of Yacht Certification
  • Provision of ISPS services
  • Provision of MLC
  • Conducting mandatory Internal ISM and ISPS Audits
* includes yachts over 500GRT

Technical management

  • 24/7 Technical emergency assistance
  • Refit and repair planning
  • Shipyard management
  • Organising Yacht's repair and attendance of technicians
  • Technical documentation control
  • Purchasing and shipment of Yacht spares and equipment
  • Planned Maintenance

Operational support

  • Preparation of Yacht specific plans for navigation in US Waters
  • Provision of Media response program
  • Negotiating and maintaining service contracts such as cellphone, Internet/VSAT, GMDSS Radio equipment, entertainment system and satellite tracking
  • Organising Yacht specific Security Services and Area Security Report on request
  • Organising Yacht transportation on request
  • Organising Carbon offsetting program on request
  • Pre-purchase Yacht inspection on request
  • Valuation inspection
  • Captain Maurice Kouprie 47m motor yacht

    Having managed the previous vessel myself, with the owner, we understand very well what it means to have shore-side assistance. We are a very busy charter yacht and don’t always have the time to check all the safety/insurance and survey updates. YPI's dedicated manager for our yacht has always been a great help. When it comes to yard planning and budget assistance, it saves us so much time. For our owners, it’s good to have a very experienced yacht manager explaining some of the maintenance and yard costs.

    When things go wrong, we know that in the event of any incident or accident, we are backed up by a team of professional captains with commercial and yachting backgrounds. We know this first hand, when I have encountered medical and mechanical incidents over the years.

    I have been working with YPI for eight years and look forward to us working together for many years to come.

  • Owner 137ft (42m) Motor Yacht

    Yachting Partners International supports our yacht management, providing advice and practical assistance on a wide range of technical, commercial and legal subjects without interfering with the rather personal relationship between us, our yachts and our crew. We look forward to the next decade!
  • Captain Ewan Paterson 62m motor yacht

    I have never liked management companies. I have always seen them as just adding another level of cost and input that quite simply gets in the way of my role running the yacht. Truthfully, YPI may slowly be changing my opinion. The manager with our yacht knows what he is talking about, he understands my role and he works with me. YPI is a natural and welcome extension to my team and they are making a difference to how we run this yacht.

  • Captain Mark Giblin 72m motor yacht

    On my current yacht, YPI is involved in every aspect of the management from ISM, ISPS and MLC to charter and crewing. In my experience, yacht management normally falls down when there is no reporting, information share or a lack of effective planning. With the YPI team, I get all the reports and updates when I need them. We might not always agree but I have a great respect and confidence in what the guys say; they have all worked on yachts and commercial vessels, and that experience means they approach problems and issues from all perspectives, with an insight that helps me do my job for my owner. In short, YPI Management does what it says on the tin!

Our management team


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