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To give the best onboard experience, your captain needs to be free from the burden of admin. We can handle all your yacht’s finances, from budgets to invoices to debit cards.


Transparency and efficiency

Diligence. Transparency. Cautiousness. When it comes to managing yacht finances, attention to detail is key. Our approval and verification procedures will put your mind at ease. We can establish managed bank accounts and provide payments quickly so you can get on with your operation.

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Voly - online expense management

The right software can make managing yacht finances effortless. Voly is an intuitive yacht expense system you can access at any time through a web browser or the app.

With real-time visibility of expenditure and budgets, you’ll have complete oversight of your spending.


High-limit prepaid expense cards

We’ll keep your balances and approval limits tightly controlled. We can issue cards to roles that need them. We can also provide dedicated cards for APA balances during charters to keep expenses separate.

We can instantly load individual cards in numerous currencies, wherever you are in the world.

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Authorised spend

We’ll create accounts for stakeholders on board or ashore, with levels of access for different roles. Owners, reps, yacht managers, captains and department heads can easily manage budgets and approve purchases.

And to help with cash flow, you can see expenditure from purchase orders that haven’t yet been invoiced.


Financial reporting

All transactions are instantly visible in the expense management system. Through the app, card holders can code the transaction and attach a receipt or invoice. The whole process of final financial reporting takes just minutes compared to the weeks it would take with paper records.

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