Healthy guests and crew are the foundation to a great client experience. From maintaining healthy surroundings to providing access to onshore professionals, YPI’s specialists are here to look after everyone on board.


YPI’s team used took the pandemic as opportunity to reinforce already strong health and hygiene policies. Our team of specialists works closely with superyacht crews to monitor possible transmission routes, restrict access and record data on visitors. Our health & well-being experts can also organise tests and quarantine facilities and provide an outbreak management plan. At all times, we make our clients feel secure and at ease with fully-vaccinated crews.

The team at YPI know what they are talking about, they understand my role and they work with me. They are a natural and welcome extension to my onboard team and they are making a difference to how we run our yacht.
Captain 62m Motor Yacht

Medical services and supplies on yachts

YPI makes sure all guests, crew and guests on board the superyachts under our management experience healthy and safe conditions for the best experience possible. For the rare occasions where help is needed, we are prepared to act immediately. From onboard trained crew to shore-based medical professionals, our specialists make sure the highest standards of healthcare are constantly adhered to.

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