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A luxury yacht demands crew that are experienced, competent and fully trained. Learn how we work with Owners and captains to make sure the yacht is safely manned.

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While you want a capable crew employed following proper regulations, you don’t want the increased liabilities and responsibilities this can bring.

We will set up an employment cell for your yacht through our trusted employment provider. That gives you a robust offshore structure and complete isolation and protection

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We arrange to pay your yacht crew directly into their accounts each month. We ensure that social security payments are made and that each crew member gets a payslip.

We’ll also regularly review the salaries and terms against the industry standard and make sure these match your requirements.

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We’ve built relationships with the industry’s best recruiters to help you find experienced and trained yacht crew that meet the needs of the vessel.

But managing crew doesn’t stop at recruitment. We’ll be your partner on the ground, handling crew vetting, transportation and repatriation, mail forwarding, appraisals, training and disciplinary procedures.

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