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South Pacific, East Asia & Australasia

South Pacific, East Asia & Australasia

From epic surfing to romantic beaches and paradise islands, life in the South Pacific & Australasia covers everything, with chic cities and natural wonders. Hike forests, climb mountains and dive coral gardens, then make an entrance in the harbours of Sydney and Auckland by arriving onboard your yacht.

Aerial view of a white sandy beach and blue water in New Zealand
Nature comes alive

New Zealand

Verdant green landscapes, oceans with world-class surf breaks, laid-back locals and Māori culture come together in New Zealand and its islands. This is a country that loves the natural beauty that spans its shores, and takes upmost care of it. Explore the beautiful scenery on a private superyacht charter.

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Paradise escape

French Polynesia

Made up of 100+ islands scattered through five archipelagos (the Tuamotu, Marquesas, Gambier, Austral and Society Islands), French Polynesia is a South Pacific fantasy brought to life. From surfing tropical atolls to snorkelling shallow waters, this is the ultimate island hopping destination for any luxury charter yacht enthusiast.

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Aerial view of French Polynesia
Great Barrier Reef
The world’s largest coral reef

Great Barrier Reef

Spread over 348,000 square kilometres in the Coral Sea, the Great Barrier Reef is a vast marine sanctuary featuring over 2,500 reefs and 900 islands. Sail the ethereal Whitsunday Islands on a luxury superyacht charter, take a seaplane over the atolls, and discover lively seascapes alive with rare underwater species.

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Spectacular nature, vibrant culture


Get immersed in traditional culture, incredible local cuisine, pulsating cities and natural wonders in this fascinating emerging charter destination. From cherry blossoms, looming volcanoes and fabulous ski slopes to intricate temples and high-intensity cities, Japan amazes at every turn.

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Cheureito Pagoda Yamanashi, Japan
Beach meets city


From stunning beaches and fabulous gardens to quirky cafes, Sydney is the ultimate waterside city. Adventure, relaxation, five-star dining and wildlife are all on your doorstep in our fully flexible superyacht charter itinerary.

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