Island hopping: Scandinavian style

Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago, sunset over the water

A vast archipelago of over 30,000 islands sprawling out from the chic colourful waterside city of Stockholm, this destination offers culture, adventure and fantastic scenery. Best explored on a smaller sailing yacht, it is a true return to nature.

This is an example of an eight day yacht charter itinerary around the Stockholm Archipelago. Itineraries are created individually for every client based around personal preferences and how you want to spend your time onboard.

Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm Archipelago - view over the water
Day 1


Welcome Onboard

Board your charter yacht in Saltsjöbaden, 30 minutes’ drive from Stockholm, and set sail for your first stop, Arholma. The northernmost entry point to the Stockholm Archipelago, the island offers simple living with a traditional farm and simple small inns. Take a private guided tour around the Batteri Arholma military site, a top secret coastal defence station during the Cold War. Walk around the island’s nature reserve through forest paths. Enjoy fresh seafood onboard, taking in views over the rocky shoreline.
Söderarm Archipelago, Stockholm Archipelago - view over the water
Day 2

Söderarm Archipelago

History and Views

Eight miles long and four miles wide, Söderarm Archipelago faces the open water towards Åland and Finland. Visit the sauna built in a foxhole from the Second World War. Your approach will offer excellent views typical for the outer archipelago, with smooth rocks and a lighthouse dating to 1839.
Stockholm Archipelago - view over the water and rocks
Day 3

Stora Nassa

Rare Wildlife

Stora Nassa is the largest of the 20 archipelagos, with 365 islands. Spot wildlife from the decks of your yacht, particularly birds. Look for the eider duck, rarely seen outside the coast. Walk the island’s birch woodlands and luxuriate in being surrounded by nature.
Sandhamn islands, Stockholm Archipelago - view over the water
Day 4


Sweden Sailing

Sail to the bustling island of Sandhamn, at the centre of a group of islands that creates a natural sheltered harbour. Sandhamn offers fabulous sailing conditions, and is the centre of sailing activities on the east coast of Sweden, with the “Around Gotland” or “ÅF Offshore Race” taking place here every year. Dine in the island’s restaurants, enjoy its outdoor bars and hotel terraces overlooking the harbour, and browse shops selling local produce and nautical gifts. Relax on beaches of white sand lined by pines.
The ancient island of Nämdö, Stockholm Archipelago
Day 5

Skärvassa, Nämdö

Sauna Experience

The ancient island of Nämdö dates back to the 13th century, when it was mentioned in King Valdemar of Sweden’s sailing guide. One of the archipelago’s largest islands, it offers the protected bay of Skärvassa, where yachts can anchor in any wind conditions. For a typical Swedish island experience, head to the bay’s wooden fired sauna, where guest chop firewood, fire it up, indulge in the heat and then dive into the cooling sea!
Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm Archipelago - view over the water
Day 6


Exclusive Enclave

Dock at the Royal Yacht Club, KSSS, offering a marina, sailing school and much more. Built as recently as 1889 as a new suburb to Stockholm, Skärvassa today is home to the modern Stockholm elite, with a beautiful luxury hotel on the waterfront overlooking the marina.
Byttafladen, Stockholm Archipelago - lagoon of still water
Day 7


Lagoon Lakes

Your crew will navigate the tricky entranceway into Byttafladen, a protected lagoon of lake-still waters. Hike to the top of the island through narrow pathways and flowerbeds carved out by the elements, to enjoy fantastic views out over the archipelago.
Stockholm, view of colourful buildings from the water
Day 8


City Buzz

Disembark in Stockholm. Spanning 14 islands, Stockholm is known by locals as the Nordic Venice. Sail all the way into the centre of Stockholm and enjoy city views from the decks of your private yacht. Once you arrive, discover everything this vibrant city has to offer, from the coolest design stores to palaces and cathedrals. Lose yourself in the tiny cobblestone streets of the historic Gamla Stan quarter. Dining is one of the great pleasures here – seek out the most innovative restaurants or experience gastronomic cuisine, created to the highest standard of innovation.
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