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Lofoten Islands Yacht Charter

Private Yachting Cruises in the Lofoten Islands

The maze of waterways off the coastline of Norway are an enchanting landscape of dramatic plunging waterfalls, gleaming glaciers and sheer forested cliff faces capped with white snow. Made for exploring by superyacht, these waters offer true adventure and isolation. Rent a crewed motor or sailing boat with YPI to have the best cruising possible in the Lofoten Islands. This is an example of a seven day yacht charter itinerary. Yacht charter itineraries are created individually for every client based around personal preferences and how you want to spend your time onboard your superyacht in the Lofoten Islands.

Superyacht Charter Svartisen

Svartisen Glacier

Glacier Views

Land at Bodø Airport, where a helicopter will be waiting to take you to your superyacht in Holandsfjord, anchored by the Svartisen Glacier. Settle in onboard and enjoy fabulous views of Engbreen over the fjord and mountains. Enjoy your first meal onboard prepared by the yacht’s chef, preparing for your first glacier day tomorrow.

Superyacht Charter Værøy


Active Adventure

After breakfast on the motor or sailing boat, a helicopter pickup will be arranged to take you to Storglomvatnet. Spend the morning kayaking around the glacier and enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch. Next, an active afternoon of glacier hiking and ice climbing with experts. Your helicopter will be waiting at the finish point to transport you to a moose farm, where you can feed the moose. Return to the yacht for dinner and cruise overnight to Værøy.

Reine Yacht Charter


Mountain Exploring

Wake in Værøy and go onshore for a mountain bike adventure. Take a scenic hike to the southern point of Værøy, then head upwards at Nordlandsnupen peak to a height of 450 metres above sea level. Take in spectacular views at the top, then descend to be picked up by your superyacht. Jump on the RIB to be driven by the crew to a quiet beach spot for lunch. Back onboard, relax and enjoy the view as the yacht cruises to Reine, your anchorage for the night.

Superyacht Charter Ballstad


Sports and Seafood

Breakfast onboard your motor or sailing boat. Take a kayaking adventure through the Reinefjord, a calm, vast, silent spot surrounded by fisherman's cabins and beach houses. This is a good spot to watch the Northern Lights in autumn, and evenings remain balmy in the summer. After your morning excursion, your yacht will pick you up to return to Reine for lunch at gourmet seafood restaurant Underhuset. Active guests can spend the afternoon stand-up paddleboarding or kiting, before the yacht cruises on to Ballstad. Private dinner at Lofoten Food Studio, followed by a private aquavit tasting.

Superyacht Charter Henningsvaer


Heli Adventures

Breakfast at Hattvika Lodge, then a heli pick-up and flight to Unstad for fantastic surfing or hiking. Lunch at the Nordic surf lodge Unstad Arctic Surf before a heli pick-up for Henningsvær where you get back on the superyacht. Henningsvær is a tiny picturesque fishing village set over a group of islands at the foot of the Vågakallen mountain. Spend the afternoon wandering its traditional wooden huts and browsing its modern art galleries, then enjoy a private exclusive dinner in the lighthouse.

Superyacht Charter Svolvær


Sea Eagle Safari

The day starts with taking a car in Svolvær for a 30-minute drive to Skrova for a RIB safari. Your superyacht captain will take you to the best spots for snorkeling and scuba diving, where you will be accompanied by professional guides. Skrova is known for its whaling. Whales, including killer whales, are often spotted in these waters. Enjoy a special private lunch in Skrova lighthouse, then head out on the RIB for a sea eagle safari, spotting up close these incredible birds whose wingspan can reach up to 8ft.

Bodø Superyacht Charter



Transport to Bodø Airport will be arranged by helicopter from Svolvær after a jam-packed week of adventure and exhilaration.

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