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Thailand & Malaysia

Thailand - small green islands dotted in turquoise water

Picture paradise and you'll see the enchanting archipelago from Phuket to Langkawi. Dotted with islands fringed with perfect white sand beaches and palm trees, this destination offers out-of-this-world snorkelling and diving, secret caves to explore, warm turquoise waters for swimming and friendly, welcoming culture.

This is an example of an eight day luxury superyacht charter itinerary around Thailand and Malaysia. Itineraries are created individually for every client based around personal preferences and how you want to spend your time during your charter.

Sunset in Thailand, Ao Po Marine, Koh Phi Leh
Day 1


Tropical Tranquillity

Depart Ao Po Marina, Phuket, for the tranquil private island of Koh Maiton, and experience true natural serenity. Trek through lush tropical greenery to the highest point for a spectacular view of Nam-Hong Bay and Chong Lom Bay, where you can spot dolphins playing below. Enjoy refreshing cocktails and a delicious seafood BBQ. Relax on the beach or stroll along the long stretch of powdery white sand. Explore underwater, a thriving coral sanctuary home to 400 species of fish. Watch the sun set over Phuket.
May Bay, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand
Day 2

Phi Phi Islands

Bays & Beaches

Wake up in Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Leh, immortalised in the movie ‘The Beach’. Snorkel in Pileh Lagoon, a picturesque swimming inlet known for its clear waters. Culturally minded charter guests can visit the Viking Cave in the north to witness the precarious harvesting of birds’ nests used in Thailand's eponymous soup. Neighbouring Koh Phi Phi Don makes a stunning calm anchorage. Head ashore to laid-back Tonsai Bay for a traditional Thai massage or try rockclimbing, a popular attraction in Tonsai.
Koh Phi Phi Don islands, National Park, Thailand
Day 3

Koh Lanta

Protected Park

Koh Lanta, a short sail from Koh Phi Phi Don, is a National Marine Park with a wealth of islands. From winding mangrove rivers and hidden caves and beaches, there is a more relaxed, laidback atmosphere here. Dive off Koh Ha for some stunning underwater photography. Hike through the tropical rainforest and cool down under the Klong Jark Waterfall. Later, dine ashore at one of the many restaurants or simply chill out and take in the sunset at one of the area's great beach bars.
Koh Mook island, Thailand
Day 4

Koh Muk

Emerald Cave

Koh Muk is known for its Emerald Cave, an old pirate hangout which is a fabulous inland lagoon. Swim through an 80m long tunnel to this wonderful secret beach with sheer cliffs rising up all around. Visit in the early morning and you'll understand how it got its name. Spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beautiful beaches or exploring the typical Thai bays and inlets by kayak. A romantic dinner at anchor onboard your mega yacht, enjoying moonlit views is the perfect finish of your day.
Koh Rok Nok, Thailand - large rocks in the turquoise water
Day 5

Koh Rok Nok

Underwater World

Cruise to Koh Rok Nok, a protected wildlife habitat. Watch abundant and brightly coloured marine life in the coral gardens visible from the decks of your yacht - the water is clear enough to see through to the seabed. Grab a snorkel or dive gear to get even closer. Onland, visit nearby Koh Rok Nai and climb to the peak of the islands for stunning views and great photo opportunities. Look out for the huge (and timid) Monitor Lizards who roam the island unhindered.
Koh Adang, Thailand - small islands in the water
Day 6

Koh Adang

Coral Paradise

Set off early for the sail south to the Tarutao Marine National Park. The Butang group of islands have the clearest water and boast beautiful coral gardens. Take a picnic ashore to a deserted tropical beach - there is a fantastic spot on the small island of Koh Kai. For charter guests keen to explore the underwater world, these islands offer incredible snorkelling.
View over the southernmost island in Thailand - Koh Lipe
Day 7

Koh Lipe

Enjoy the View

The southernmost island of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, Koh Lipe is a precious jewel. Discover postcard-perfect beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters and coral reefs with hard and soft corals. This is a diver's dream, with plentiful turtles, rays and schools of smaller fish. Spend your last evening soaking up the atmosphere in Walking Street, and finish the night onboard in the Jacuzzi, sipping cocktails and reliving the wonderful moments of your trip.

Cable car in Langkawi, Thailand
Day 8



Cruise from Koh Lipe to Langkawi, arriving in the capital, Huah Town. Take the cable car to the highest peak on the island for spectacular 360-degree views and a few last photos. Shop duty free before flying home.
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