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Private Yachting Cruises in the Komodo Islands

Take your next superyacht charter to the Komodo Islands in Indonesia and its unpopulated islands, volcanic crater lakes, unique cultures and incredible scenery. An area only explorable by boat, in many anchorages, your superyacht is likely to be the only sign of civilisation for miles around. Rent a crewed motor or sailing boat with YPI to have the best private cruise possible in Indonesia’s Komodo Islands. This is an example of an eight day yacht charter itinerary for the Komodo Islands in Indonesia. Yacht charter itineraries are created individually for every client based around personal preferences and how you want to spend your time on your Komodo Islands private cruise.

Superyacht Charter Pulau Sangeang, Indonesia

Pulau Sangeang

Switch Off

Arrive in Bima on a short flight from Bali and board your superyacht charter ready for an unforgettable private cruise. Take in the views or enjoy a massage on deck as your motor or sailing boat makes its way from the island to a secluded cove in Pulau Sangeang surrounded by stunning ocean vistas. Snorkel in hot bubbles coming off the reef — it’s like swimming in a glass of Champagne. Then enjoy real Champagne and canapés on your crewed yacht's deck as the sun sets.

Superyacht Charter Banta, Indonesia


Volcano Views

As your boat sets out for Banta, pass Sangeang Api, one of this region’s most active volcanoes, often seen flowing with lava. There is life beneath the water too, as an inflow of cold water from the north attracts big pelagics to this scuba-friendly channel: look out for sharks, manta rays and dolphins.

Superyacht Charter Komodo, Indonesia


Wild Creatures

The world’s largest lizard lies in wait at Komodo. Growing to 3 metres and feeding on everything from horses to water buffalo, these intriguing and highly protected creatures can be spotted during a morning walk in the Komodo National Park before returning to the charter superyacht for lunch. In the afternoon, walk along Pink Beach, whose unusual colour is formed by an exotic combination of white and red sand.

Superyacht Charter Sumba Island, Indonesia


Epic Waves

Take your Komodo Island private cruise to Sumba, where nearly 200 species of birds can be seen, including some found nowhere else in the world. Look through your binoculars for the Sumba Boobook Owl, the Red-Naped Fruit Dove and the Apricot-Breasted Sunbird. Surfers can spend the day riding 10ft waves at Tarimbay Bay, where the action peaks from June through September.

Superyacht Charter Sumba Island, Indonesia


Village Traditions

Sail your boat to Sumbawa and head into Wera village to see traditional wooden phinisi sailing boats being built. Many of the ritual events of old ways are still performed on this island such as water buffalo racing. Visit here for a truly authentic experience of local culture.

Superyacht Charter Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Southern Komodo Island

World Class Diving

The southern dive sites of Komodo National Park feature colourful coral alive with countless species of fish. In-the-know underwater enthusiasts can head to Manta Alley and Rainbow Reef to enjoy a morning dive followed by snorkelling, or an action-packed day of multiple dives.
Superyacht Charter Rinca, Indonesia


Dragons in the Wild

Finally, take your crewed yacht to Rinca. Smaller and less-travelled than Komodo, it offers another chance to spot the Komodo dragon in its natural habitat. Your yacht’s crew can arrange for a guide to explore the trails. Alternatively, enjoy one last day of your holiday onboard your luxury boat or in the island’s excellent snorkelling and diving sites.

Superyacht Charter in Indonesia

Labuhan Bajo


Enjoy a refreshing morning of snorkelling or swimming before your return flight from Labuhan Bajo Airport to Bali, where you can indulge in an afternoon massage or Ubud’s buzzing market.
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Komodo Islands, Indonesia Yachts for Charter

Cloudbreak 75.3M (247.0FT) motor yacht
  • 75.3M (247.0FT)
  • Abeking & Rasmussen
  • 2016
  • 12 Guests
  • 6 Cabins
Price: From EUR 750,000 Per Week
Lamima 65.2M (213.9FT) sailing yacht
  • 65.2M (213.9FT)
  • Haji Baso
  • 2014
Price: From USD 161,000 Per Week
Aqua Blu 60.4M (198.0FT) motor yacht
  • 60.4M (198.0FT)
  • Brooke Marine
  • 1968/2019
Price: From USD 298,000 Per Week