End of the Earth


View of the mountains and glaciers and ice in the water in Patagonia

This adventurous itinerary explores the stunning Southern region of Patagonia, including the famous Torres Del Paine national park, the extraordinary Glacier Alley and dozens of fjords fringed by glaciers. Experience the extreme and take a journey to the ends of the earth on a customised Patagonia yacht charter.

This is an example of an eight day yacht charter itinerary exploring Patagonia. Itineraries are created individually for every client based around personal preferences and how you want to spend your time onboard.

View of mountains and turquoise water in Patagonia
Day 1

Puerto Profundo

Welcome to a new world

Fly into Puerto Natales and join your yacht. Explore the Torres Del Paine national park, called ‘one of the most spectacular sights that human imagination can conceive’ by an early visitor. Spot native Guanaco (native llamas) set among its granite towers and kayak around glaciers in azure-blue lakes. Cruise on to Puerto Profundo for overnight anchorage.
Kayakers and a whale coming out the water in Patagonia
Day 2

Isla Carlos III

Whale watching

Located in Chile’s Magellan Strait, Carlos III Island lies near the Francisco Coloane Maritime Park, a protected coastal area of some 67,000 acres mainly used for scientific research. Spot humpback whales breaching and playing in the water from the decks of your charter yacht, and look out for Magellan penguins, sea elephants, sea lions, toninas, austral dolphins, cormorants, albatross and sea birds.
View of the mountains and icy water in Patagonia
Day 3

Seno Almirantazgo

Fjord maze

Cruise on to Almirantazgo Sound, or Seno Almirantazgo in Spanish, winding your way through the maze of the Chilean fjords. Spot Southern Elephant Seals in the protected private reserve of Karukinka Natural Park and Jackson Bay or hike verdant green trails to waterfalls.
Kayakers amongst glaciers in Patagonia
Day 4

Seno Chico

Waterfall safari

Cruise down the Cockburn Canal to drop anchor in Seno Chico. Once the yacht is anchored, the crew will take you on a Zodiac safari, entering the Alakalufe Fjord with its stunning waterfalls and glaciers. Get right up close to the Piloto glacier to take in its intense blue colour.
View of the mountains and icy water in Patagonia
Day 5

Caleta Gomez

Glacier alley

Leaving Seno Chico towards the west, the yacht will enter the Canal Brecknock and Canal Ballenero as it heads for Caleta Gomez. This marks the entrance to ‘glacier alley’, with several larger glaciers on the southern side of the fjord-filled Alberto de Agostini National Park. Take in the epic landscapes of the park, sculpted by glaciers, and the majestic Mount Darwin. Enjoy a helicopter sightseeing tour for a breathtaking experience over this stunning icy world.
A glacier on a mountain and icy water in Patagonia
Day 6

Garibaldi Glacier

Floating ice passage

Approach the Garibaldi Glacier, taking a route through one of Chile’s newest and largest national parks, the 9,000+ sq km Parque Nacional Alberto de Agostini, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Garibaldi is one of only three glaciers in Patagonia gaining mass rather than slowly shrinking, and the Garibaldi Fjord is a narrow passage scattered with floating ice in shades of bright blue and green, surrounded by waterfalls tumbling down the steep mountainsides. Hike up through virgin forest to a glacial waterfall to discover spectacular vistas.
View of the mountains and icy water in Patagonia
Day 7

Seno Pia

Ice calving

Sail into the spectacular bay of Seo Pía in the heart of the Darwin Mountains. The bay is loomed over by the Pía Glacier at its head, gleaming in every shade of white and deep blue and often calving smaller chunks of ice that crash dramatically into the waters below. Take the tender ashore to explore the moon-like landscape, spotting dolphins as you go, or grab one of the yacht’s kayaks and enjoy the majesty and silence of the area. Disembark and head out on a short hike for panoramic views of the spectacular glacier.
View of the mountains and water in Patagonia
Day 8

Puerto Williams

Gateway to Antarctica

Cruise through the Beagle Channel to our final stop, Port Williams, allegedly the world’s southernmost city, and the gateway to Antarctica. It was founded in the 1950s as a naval base for Chile and is also a centre of scientific activity linked to Antarctica and the Tierra del Fuego. Stroll around the city or visit the Martin Gusinde museum. Fly to Punta Arenas for onward connections.
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