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Adventure charters

Personalised itineraries and bespoke experiences

Remote locations. Off-the-beaten path adventures. Our expert charter team can put together a personalised itinerary that prioritises bespoke experiences and ultra-private travel. Explorer charter yachts come with exhilarating toys such as helicopters and submarines, unlocking some of the most secluded spots in the world.

Adventure yacht charter
Adventure yacht charter
Yacht charters in Antarctica

Become a modern-day explorer with an Antarctic charter

There is so much more to the Arctic than dramatic views. On an adventure-packed expedition, glide past sturdy icebergs and cruise to islands populated with emperor penguins going about their day. The chance to swim in thermally heated waters and spot humpback whales and seals in person is truly out of this world.

Discover new species in the Galapagos

Made up of 13 major and six minor islands, the Galapagos is a near utopia for budding botanists and nature lovers. Snorkelling nose-to-nose with white-tipped reef sharks and witnessing flamingos gather are just some of the spectacular wildlife viewings found nowhere else in the world.

Yacht charters in the Galapagos
Yacht charters in French Polynesia

Explore the untouched French-Polynesia Islands

Set in the South Pacific Ocean halfway between California and Australia, French Polynesia is home to aqua-blue lagoons and pink-sand beaches. In between surfing the glassy waves and stumbling upon ancient temples, hop on a tour of the vanilla plantations and sugarcane rum distilleries. Hike to the top of the moss-green mountains for dramatic sea views.

Exhilarating water sports in the Seychelles

A trip to the Seychelles isn’t complete without a diving adventure amid the secluded lagoons and colourful reefs. Witness first-hand the resplendent underwater wildlife up close. Edged by pristine waters, the 115 islands are carpeted with sugar-white beaches where green turtles nest and giant tortoises roam free.

Diving in the Seychelles
Yacht charters in the Norwegian Fjords

Escape the everyday in the Norwegian Fjords

The fjordscapes are so utterly remote that they require an expedition charter yacht to access the most untouched nooks. These hidden corners are still largely untrampled by human footprints and feel detached from daily life. Gawp at the plunging cliffs and visit the historical fjord farms in between freshwater diving and hopping on a helicopter to access the tiny islands.

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