Reducing our Impact

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As a yachting business, we acknowledge our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. It is our goal, as a collective, to protect the health of the oceans so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Protecting our oceans coral

Protecting our Oceans

Yachting Partners International was founded with a passion for the ocean. We strive to do better in everything we do by presenting sustainable solutions, measuring our impact and being transparent about our practices. Yachting isn’t typically associated with sustainability. We hope to change that by learning, sharing our knowledge and taking action.

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Turning The Tide

Our ‘seal’ is a visual statement that demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. By embracing new technologies, we aspire to be the most sustainable yachting house. We are proud to use the seal across our communications as a marker of our commitment to sustaining ocean health. By making this statement, we hope to inspire the industry at large to adopt similar practices.

Turning the tide at YPI
Sustainability - a seal swimming

Our Sustainability Journey

We recognise that we are on a journey. It’s our aim to deliver a positive impact in all areas of sustainability where possible, whilst considering a life-cycle approach to consumption. Ultimately, we are striving to reduce the impact of our business to operate as close to zero as possible. We will achieve this by committing to four core pillars. These initiatives will be used to measure our moves over time so we can truly see the difference we are making and asses our progress transparently.

Four Core Sustainability Pillars

01 Carbon

Measuring, monitoring, and reducing our carbon emissions.

02 Chemicals

Choosing toxic-free chemicals and seeking natural alternatives.

03 Single-use plastics

Striving for a plastic-free business and removing single-use plastics.

04 Wellbeing

Prioritising initiatives to promote wellness within the YPI team.

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We started by measuring emissions across the entire business. The process began by implementing a thorough monitoring system to track our progress on a quarterly basis and perform detailed audits. We are actively reducing our footprint by working with local external suppliers to reduce transportation logistics. Internally, we have introduced meat-free Mondays to encourage the reduction of meat consumption amongst our employees. We also partner with key industry players on innovative alternative fuel projects, helping to shift the industry towards a zero-carbon future.


We have ensured our office environment and event stands are free from any dangerous chemicals where possible and replaced them with natural alternatives. We encourage our managed fleet of yachts and charter fleet to adopt toxic-free operations where available. Digital is actively promoted over print and our office printing is minimised, using FSC-certified paper that has been harvested in a responsible manner.


We ensure that our offices actively reduce their single-use plastic consumption as far as possible by providing readily available viable alternatives. All plastic waste is recycled and, where possible, we ensure that our promotional materials are single-use plastic free. We encourage our charter and managed yacht fleets to adopt the Clear Ocean Pact policy and provide the support they require to reach the “Inspiring” rating. We encourage our employees and yacht crews to participate in plastic clean-ups and reduce their single-use plastic consumption.


Our team’s wellbeing is of the upmost importance to us. We encourage our team to car share or cycle to work where possible and we actively promote the benefits of yoga and meditation in the office and beyond. It’s vital for us to create a positive working culture through employee incentive platforms, providing access to expert advice and optimising job satisfaction.

Interested to hear more about our sustainability programme? We would love to hear from you.