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Director Monaco

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Abdullah is Director at Yachting Partners International. He has over 15 years of international experience across business development, sales and marketing in London and the Middle East.

At the helm of YPI, Abdullah aims to further develop the business through partnerships and collaborations, welcoming the new generation of clients to the global yachting community. He is committed to contributing to the preservation of the ocean through sustainability initiatives and technological innovations. Abdullah has always had a drive for adventure and started his passion for yachting aged 21 when he purchased his first motorboat.
Abdullah Nahar, Director, Yachting Partners International


I’m in awe of Fiji’s natural surroundings and marine biodiversity. Taking boat trips to the nearby islands and stumbling upon waterfalls on a hike are some noteworthy activities. The locally grown cuisine and outdoorsy lifestyle are just the ticket for a mindful reset – especially when you spend so much time hopping between cities.

Aerial view over Fiji
Aerial view over Fiji
Manta ray swimming
Fiji sunset
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