YPI & Green Yard Kleven Partnership

The Kleven and YPI teams meet to discuss new business agreement

Yachting Partners International & Green Yard Kleven new business agreement

Yachting Partners International and Green Yard Kleven of Norway, a respected shipbuilder and pioneer of environmentally conscious marine technology & propulsion are delighted to announce their new business agreement.

Green Yard Kleven has already delivered two exceptional superyachts, 107.4m (352.4ft) ANDROMEDA in 2016 and 116.0m (380.7ft) ULYSSES in 2018 and, with the sales and marketing expertise of YPI firmly behind them, will be pitching for new build projects from 80m upwards, with build slots available immediately.

The collaboration with YPI, through their Monaco-based but globally connected sales team, brings Green Yard Kleven actively into the yacht market.

“We view the construction of large yachts, aka superyachts, as a highly topical market for us. The yacht brokers from YPI are experienced and have a huge network in the industry. A collaboration with them means that we can get in touch with yacht brokers, representatives and direct clients all over the world in a completely different way than if we were to do this alone” says Hans Jørgen Fedog, CEO of Green Yard Group.

The Kleven name is known in the ship building and yachting industry as a mark of quality and in recent years also as pioneers in battery technology, hybrid vessels and full cycle build to recycle plans.

Northern European yacht building is considered the finest in the world and the backdrop to the shipyard in Ulsteinvik is second to none with relatively easy access by land, air, and sea. To cement the agreement, YPI’s Managing Partner and Global Sales Director, Peter Thompson along with mutual collaborator Russell Crump visited the yard in early November.

“It was a pleasure to travel to Green Yard Kleven and see their facilities first hand. My colleague Russell Crump has been following the Kleven shipyard for several years and has always been impressed by what he has seen, a sentiment with which I can now fully concur. The Kleven name is known and respected in the superyacht world for the build of acclaimed yachts ANDROMEDA and ULYSSES and we are looking forward to delivering new projects here in the years to come.” commented Peter Thompson, Managing Partner - Yacht Sales, Yachting Partners International.

“There is an increasing demand for large yachts with high-quality build, cleaner energy solutions and expedition capabilities. Green Yard Kleven offers the right facilities, expertise in more sustainable energy choices and build slots with efficient delivery times, making them a key player in the 80m+ market. Our remit is to ensure that all potential clients looking in this size range are aware of the excellent package available.” continues Thompson.

For Green Yard Kleven, this collaboration is important and exciting in a tough market.

“Together we can achieve something big, it will be hard work as well, there is no doubt about that, but with our combined expertise, great yachts will be delivered for clients wishing to build here” says Hans Jørgen Fedog.

“We have seen the market develop from a handful of enthusiastic multimillionaires who build, buy and operate superyachts to now over 7,800 superyachts in operation all over the world, and currently over 600 in construction. There are 152 yachts over 80 metres in operation and a further 33 under construction. Over the last couple of years, the number of yachts over 80 metres in operation has increased by 22%, and we believe it is quite clear that there is a good and current market for the construction of larger superyachts in particular. Green Yard Kleven has the capacity to start a new construction project immediately, which is also a great advantage” say Russell Crump, Consultant and Peter Thompson, Managing Partner, Yacht Sales, Yachting Partners International.

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