Southern France ports

Port Vauban

What’s new for the ports of Southern France?

As the summer season approaches, you might be thinking of bringing your yacht back into French waters. We have put together a summary of what has been happening in the South of France ports over the past few months and what plans are in the pipeline.

Port Canto
A lively and greener port
Work scheduled to end: Spring 2021

Several new features have been set in motion to restore Port Canto, including a vibrant central square to inject life and greenery into the area. New shops and restaurants will be opening this spring to revive the area that connects La Croisette walk.

The most iconic new features include:

  • "Espace Grand Large", a large central green square with plenty of shaded spots for relaxing and a jet fountain
  • The old Harbor Master's Office will be transformed into an automatic cash dispenser and parking ticket offices
  • Steps and a ramp accessible to people with reduced mobility will connect the Boulevard de la Croisette and the Verdun square
  • New shops and restaurants will open to bring more life and visitors to the port

Port Vauban IYCA
The port of the future finally under construction: Vauban 21
Work scheduled to end: 2023

Perfectly located at the heart of the French Riviera, looking out on to the Baie des Anges and Nice, Port Vauban in Antibes is now Europe’s largest marina.

A few years ago, Port Vauban was taken under new management by the Chambre of Commerce of Nice Cote d’Azur (CCI), and renamed Vauban 21. A complete port re-design was announced. After a long wait, the works are beginning in February 2020, starting with the demolishing and rebuilding of the IYCA Harbour Master’s office.

The main new features include:

  • The IYCA harbour master’s office will be completely demolished and rebuilt
  • A heliport will be constructed, enabling guests to access their yachts in complete privacy thanks to a heliport lounge with an elevator and an electric golf car service.
  • The current light house will be demolished and rebuilt
  • A crew centre will be opened, allowing space for crew to gather and relax away from their yacht
  • Four BBQ stations and water connections will be installed all along the quay
  • On the shipyard side, Monaco Marine will take over the entire shipyard area (CNPV will no longer be operating), but will leave a small public area

During the works, yachts will still be welcomed in port, although certain areas may not be accessible at all times.

The works will take place over two years. During this time, the port offices will be moved to the entrance of the port, in temporary bungalows next to the security booth.

Berths between 30m and 120m are for sale. Please contact us if you are looking to make Antibes the permanent base for your yacht and you are interested in purchasing a berth.

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Port Gallice

Port Gallice have also started their works, in line with the design and philosophy of the Vauban 21 project. Gallice 21 will create a co-working space, training centres and offices. It will also build a new welcome quay, more comfortable and practical for drop off by tender (an important factor for yacht crew looking for the most comfortable area for guest drop offs). The fuel dock will also be redone, and most of docks modified to meet the required norms. With an investment of 15 million euros, the whole port will be upgraded to meet environment, security and accessibility requirements.

Monaco Port

Monaco One, Monaco Ports' exclusive shuttle service catamaran for Cala del Forte, has been launched. You might have spotted this strange vessel in the port of Monaco.

The A2V High Speed Shuttle, christened under the name Monaco One, hit the water on 16 December in La Rochelle, France. It has now been transferred by cargo to her home port in Monaco. She will begin operating in between Monaco and Cala del Forte. Guests of two ports will be allowed to travel between two marinas in just 15 minutes.

Monaco One is a 12-meter power catamaran designed and built by Advanced Aerodynamic Vessel in La Rochelle, France. She can accommodate up to 12 passengers and her innovativhas been halved, even when cruising at speeds of over 40 knots.

La Ciotat shipyards
Atlas 4,300 tons under construction
Works scheduled to end: 2022
The harbor of La Ciotat is the only site in France able to accommodate megayacht refit projects. La Ciotat Shipyards is going to increase their capacity with the construction of the Atlas project, a 40,000m2 refit platform and a 4,300 tons shiplift.

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A few technical characteristics
- Electrical power : 1,25GW / boat
- Lift capacity : 4,300 tons and 105 meters
- Minimum rate of recycling ocean disposal : 99.8%
- Transfer system with a fluid bed
- Lifting speed in operation : 20 cm / minute

If you would like to learn more about the regulations in place or book a berth in these ports, please contact Sarah Futhazar: or +33 7 64 43 29 38.