Sailing Through Flavour: Interview with Chef Emanuele

Exploring the Art of Fine Dining and Gastronomic Excellence Aboard Luxurious Superyachts: Insights from Chef Emanuele's Remarkable Voyage.

Meet Chef Emanuele Mura, the acclaimed culinary artist aboard FAST & FURIOUS, available for sale and charter through YPI. Discover Chef Emanuele's captivating culinary voyage, where his unwavering passion and expertise converge to craft exceptional dining moments that leave a lasting impression.

Could you tell us about your journey as a superyacht chef?

My journey as a superyacht chef began seven years ago, but my passion for cooking started much earlier, thanks to my family's culinary background and growing up having a family restaurant surrounded by chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

Your average day on a charter yacht must be quite eventful. Can you give us a glimpse of it?

Absolutely! My charter days are a non-stop adventure, I usually kick off my day around six in the morning, preparing breakfast taking into account the guests' waking hours, the meals are timed to be ready whenever they rise. Once breakfast is served, it’s on to lunch preparations, followed by aperitifs and fruit platters for guests’ post-swimming relaxation, and then onwards to dinner preparations, my day sails through until around midnight.

Buying groceries while sailing must be an adventure on its own. How do you manage that?

Before the charter, we ensure we have essential supplies like rice and pasta on board. During the charter days, it's all about securing fresh ingredients. We buy fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables daily, using a tender to get them on board. It's vital to provide guests with the freshest and finest quality food throughout their journey.

Maintaining sustainable practices is vital. How do you handle food waste?

Sustainability is a priority for me. My experience has taught me the right proportions based on the number and age of our guests, minimising waste as much as possible. I firmly believe in cooking consciously and responsibly.

Speaking of menus, what can we find on the FAST AND FURIOUS menu?

Our menu is incredibly versatile and tailored to suit our guests' preferences and dietary requirements. It's a collection of diverse dishes from around the world, representing various cultures and tastes.

What is your secret to consistently ensuring everyone's culinary delight onboard?

One valuable lesson I have learned is to gather all the food preferences of our guests in advance. This knowledge makes it easier to cater to various dietary needs, whether it's for vegans, vegetarians, or those with food allergies, ensuring every individual is happy.

Cooking is clearly your passion. Do you find yourself cooking at home too?

Coming from a family of talented cooks, home-cooked meals are a delight. Whenever any of us are available at home, we take turns preparing delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy.

With so many cuisines at your fingertips, which one stands out as your favorite?

Italian cuisine holds a special place in my heart. My all-time favorite dish must be Parmigiana di Melanzane, an undeniable delicacy!

Working as a superyacht chef must be different from a restaurant setting. What do you prefer about this role?

Working on a superyacht is an extraordinary and enriching experience, unlike any other. It's not just about cooking; it's about embracing a vibrant lifestyle filled with diverse guests from different cultures. The opportunity to create and savor meals from around the world is something I cherish deeply.

Finally, any advice for aspiring chefs dreaming of becoming successful superyacht chefs?

For young chefs who appreciate the yachting lifestyle, I wholeheartedly recommend considering a career as a superyacht chef. It's an enriching journey that allows for rapid growth as an experienced chef, thanks to the exposure to different dishes and cultures while exploring the world.

Experience Chef Emanuele Mura's gastronomic artistry aboard FAST & FURIOUS. Discover a world of exquisite flavors, innovative techniques, and unforgettable dining at sea.