Covid-19 medical equipment onboard

Covid 19 medical equipment for yachts

Ensure your yacht is as Covid safe as possible

The YPI Client Experience department has compiled a list of medical equipment to help ensure your yacht is as Covid safe as possible. These products are available for purchase only via medical professionals. To obtain more information or a quote, please contact

Onboard PCR testing

The SARS-CoV-2 test provides a fast and reliable solution directly at the point of care. The workflow couldn't be easier: collect the patient sample, insert the sample into the cartridge, and without any further preparations start the test run. Less than 39 minutes later, results are available.

Rapid Antigen Covid tests

The Rapid Antigen tests allow the detection of a Covid-19 infection within 20 minutes.

Body temperature detection terminal

This terminal comes with a robust design that can work in extreme weather conditions from -30°C (-22°F) to 60°C (140°F); The IP68 dust and waterproof standard and IK04 protection standard also enhance its outdoor durability.

Breathable, washable facemasks

Face mask that provides protective performance while also being comfortable and washable at an affordable price.

Face shield

This face shield does not protect in the same way as a mask, but it stops you from touching your face, which is how the virus gets into your system. Getting the reflex of not touching your nose, eyes and mouth during the day prevents you from contracting the virus.

Powder-free latex gloves

Meeting the highest standards for protection, comfort and safety, these disposable gloves have the flexibility to be used as a protective barrier in a number of situations and industries. They can be used to protect the skin and transmission against Covid-19.

Disinfection device for sterilization

Using up-to-the-minute technology, this device disinfects, sanitises and purifies air and surfaces from 10 to 1000m3 by destroying bacteria.