Chef’s Unveiled - SEVEN SINS

Chef’s Unveiled - SEVEN SINS

An Exclusive Interview with SEVEN SINS' Culinary Maestro Samuel Kerr

In a captivating first-time interview, the Yachting Partners International (YPI) Marketing team had the privilege of sitting down with the talented superyacht Chef Samuel Kerr aboard SEVEN SINS, the immensely popular 52m Sanlorenzo charter yacht. In this in-depth conversation, the chef shares insights into his remarkable journey, culinary philosophy, and the intricacies of creating exceptional dining experiences while at sea.

Rotational Head Chef Samuel Kerr, a 31-year-old culinary virtuoso, traces his love for food back to his upbringing on a self-sustaining organic farm in New Zealand. At 17, a Summer kitchen job ignited his passion for the hospitality industry, a flame he's carried since. After managing renowned restaurants in New Zealand and Australia, he set sail for Italy, where he embraced the world of yachts. Now, he's enthralled by the challenges and exquisite ingredients that yacht cuisine offers. Whether it's a gourmet degustation or a casual sun deck BBQ, Chef Samuel Kerr guarantees your absolute satisfaction.

A Journey from Kitchen Gardens to the Superyacht Galley

Chef Samuel's journey began in New Zealand, where a passion for cooking was ignited by his parents' organic gardens. After working in prestigious kitchens across New Zealand and Australia, an unexpected opportunity arose to join the yachting world. A Dutch chef friend, whom he had previously worked with, offered him a position on a superyacht. Over two years later, he remains at the helm of the SEVEN SINS galley, crafting extraordinary culinary experiences for discerning guests.

Culinary Roots and Yachting Dynamics

Growing up with a focus on organic, high-end produce laid the foundation for the chef's culinary style. The transition to yachting was seamless, thanks to his experience in small kitchens, emphasising self-reliance. Onboard SEVEN SINS, the chef emphasises the advantages and challenges of yachting cuisine. While relationships with suppliers onshore allow for specific provisions, planning provisions on the water involves dealing with varying quality and engaging with new suppliers in different locations.

Crafting Menus: A Balancing Act

SEVEN SINS' chef strikes a balance between signature dishes and adapting to the charter destination. Menus are crafted based on the best available ingredients, and guest preferences play a pivotal role. Addressing guest preferences involves more than relying on preference sheets. Direct communication before and during the trip allows the chef to cater to diverse dietary requirements.

A Festive Culinary Approach

Approaching the holiday season, the chef considers guest preferences when planning dishes. The focus remains on providing the best and most available produce, balancing creativity with guest expectations.

The Art of Communication: Daily Menus and Beyond

Communication with guests extends to the presentation of daily menus. The chef prints menus daily providing guests with a preview of their culinary journey and what to expect that day so they may look forward to those moments. This approach not only ensures transparency but also allows guests to discuss any adjustments or specific requests in advance.

Fresh from the Sea directly to your Plate: A Personal Touch

Chef Samuel’s personal touch involves a love for making fresh pasta and bread, utilising his own sourdough starter. The emphasis on fresh produce has garnered positive reviews from guests who appreciate the dedication to crafting exceptional meals from scratch.

A Taste of Nostalgia: Organic Roots

Growing up in a family where organic food was preferred, Chef Samuel seamlessly integrates this philosophy into his culinary creations. While prioritising high-quality produce, the chef endeavours to source the best available ingredients, whether organic or not, aligning with the preferences of the superyacht's esteemed guests.

Memorable Dining: From Restaurants to the High Seas

Reflecting on memorable dining experiences, the chef shares his personal highlights. Notable among these are visits to restaurants in New Zealand. However, the most cherished experiences involve fishing and preparing dishes with the catch of the day, infusing freshness and surprise into every dish prepared.

As SEVEN SINS continues to cruise the seas, the superyacht's culinary maestro remains dedicated to delivering exceptional dining experiences that reflect the essence of yachting luxury. YPI is thrilled to share this glimpse into the world of SEVEN SINS and its talented culinary team this Winter in the Caribbean.

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