Your guide to planning a superyacht charter

Superyacht Axioma available for yacht charter

Your need-to-know guide to booking the ultimate holiday

First Step

When you first make contact with YPI to begin the booking process, your Broker will ask you about your plans and your guests in order to find the ideal yacht and put together an unforgettable itinerary that will be enjoyed by everyone onboard. It’s a good idea to think about what you are looking for in advance – the more detail you provide, the better our Brokers can find your ideal yacht and destination.

Questions to Consider

Where do you want to go, and when? What would you like to do when you get there? How many guests are in your charter party? Are there children in your group and how old are they? What type of yacht are you looking for (motor or sailing, fast or slow)? Are there any specific onboard features you are looking for, such as a jacuzzi or exercise area, or any specific toys you would like? What is your budget?

Based on your answers, your YPI broker will offer a selection of yachts with the right availability for you to choose from.

The Details

Once you have selected a yacht and availability is confirmed, YPI arranges the necessary contracts and a deposit is paid. The charter rate quoted includes the yacht, the crew and the insurance of the yacht. Various payments are required at different stages: your YPI Broker can advise in more detail on this. In addition to the charter rate and delivery fee there is an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), covering fuel, harbour fees, food & drink etc. It is also customary, although not obligatory, to leave a gratuity for the crew if you enjoyed your time onboard.

Tell us More

After the charter is booked, you have the opportunity to supply the Captain, crew and broker with as many personal preferences as you wish so that they can best prepare the yacht for your time onboard. We will send you (or your representative) in-depth Preferences Forms, where you can provide detailed information on everything from the salads and desserts you like to your favourite brand of Champagne and preferred cocktail. You can also tell us about any special events you would like us to plan onboard. The only thing left to do now is look forward to your charter!