The Caribbean's best kept secrets

Grenadine Islands, Caribbean

Escape to islands off the beaten track on your winter charter

Les Isles Saintes

Considered by locals to be the quietest and prettiest part of Guadeloupe, Les Isles Saintes are a collection of 9 unspoilt islands, only two of which are inhabited. Island hop by tender to enjoy rustic beauty and see the Caribbean as it was decades ago. Relax on beautiful beaches, enjoy great restaurants and dive vibrant waters.


Anegada, in the British Virgin Islands, features an unusual desert-like landscape, salt ponds and quiet beaches for walking. It also boasts the Caribbean’s largest barrier coral reef, the 18-mile long Horseshoe Reef, with glorious snorkelling right off the beach. After a morning exploring the world beneath the waves, break for a lunch of the island's speciality, fresh lobster, on Loblolly Beach.


Take a jeep safari around the Caribbean’s answer to Pompeii: the Soufriere Hills in Montserrat. After an eruption in 1995 (the first in 40 years), the old town was frozen in time. Hike up Garibaldi Hill for the best view.


Known as the “Big Little Island”, Bequia in St Vincent & the Grenadines, is a natural haven of cinnamon orchards, turtle sanctuaries and over 30 dive sites, many with secret sea caves. This island is also a great place to pick up an unusual souvenir, a model boat carved in wood by a skilled local craftsmen.