How to prepare for an adventure charter

Kayakers explore glaciers in Antarctica

Get ready for an unforgettable and extraordinary experience

Before You Go

The fragile nature of many remote ecosystems and the small aircraft used to access the charter start point mean that luggage is often limited. In the Galapagos, baggage will be inspected for organic material such as food, plants etc. Your luggage will also be inspected upon departure as all nature must be left on the islands.


Whereas on a typical charter, swimwear and evening outfits are all you need, choosing clothing for a charter involving exporation requires different preparations. The right shoes are essential, whether Sandals or Tevas for wet landings in remote islands or Muck boots or hiking shoes for Antarctica's ice plains. Thermals, polar fleece, jackets, waterproofs and layers are key for colder destinations. All clothing and items brought must be scrupulously cleaned to ensure no contamination of the delicate ecosystems we will be exploring.

Other Equipment

Unlike conventional destinations, remote regions lack the infrastructure for supplies, so everything needed for the duration of your charter needs to be onboard at the outset. A full equipment list will be provided well in advance, however most guests choose to bring good cameras with underwater protection, adventure backpacks, good binoculars etc. Currency will be advised in advance: cash in low-denomination bills in USD are widely accepted.

Be Prepared

If this is the first time you have undertaken a charter of this type, it is helpful to prepare psychologically for a destination and an experience so removed from the life to which we are accustomed. Many remote destinations have no phone reception or internet. In terms of physical fitness, for days of exploring, the more fit you are, the more fun you will have. A certain amount of flexibility is required regarding itineraries, as weather conditions may change and protected areas are carefully monitored. In some cases, the captain and crew may provide a daily timetable to ensure you see the best of your destination. At all times, it's important to be respectful of your destination and keep it preserved for future generations, so follow procedures advied by officials.