How much does it cost to purchase a superyacht?

How much does a superyacht cost

Superyachts are amongst one of the world’s most exclusive purchases, with the finest vessels costing hundreds of millions of dollars. A luxury yacht is the ultimate lifestyle purchase for the world’s richest, offering flexibility, exclusivity, and the freedom to discover the world's hidden gems in unparalleled luxury.

While owning a superyacht comes with a plethora of benefits, many aspects come into play when deciding to purchase one. Working with a knowledgeable yacht broker, such as the team at Yachting Partners International, can help assist you in your search, by providing expert advice and guidance throughout your entire yachting journey.

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How much does it cost to purchase a superyacht?

The cost of buying a superyacht can vary considerably depending on the size, yacht and amenities you wish to purchase.

In general, the smaller the yacht, the lower the price, with superyachts of 24m or more usually attracting asking prices of over €1m, going up to an average of €11.42m in the 40m-50m category, €24.15m in the 50m-70m category and an average of €81.2m for yachts of 70m+.

Purchasing a motor yacht also tends to cost more than a sailing yacht. However, this is often because many sailing yachts on the market are older; a brand-new sailing yacht will still demand a high price.

It is also important to note that semi-custom yachts are often less expensive than customised superyachts. Of course, yachts decked out with beach clubs, sports courts, spas, fitness suites, and a toy box full of the latest water toys can cost much more.

Jeff Bezos's new 412-foot vessel is estimated to cost about US$500 million to build, and Elon Musk's first luxury Model Y Tesla yacht is ready to set sail, costing around $700 million.

What are the benefits of owning a superyacht?

An indication of prestige, few things match the experience of owning a superyacht. Each year, the world's best shipyards are taking shipbuilding to new levels of luxury, implementing the best design materials, advanced technologies, world-class amenities and environment-friendly features to meet the needs of discerning yacht owners.

Almost all luxury superyachts boast elegant onboard interiors, spacious saloons, and sublime sundecks. However, the world's largest superyachts offer amenities that can often rival a luxury resort, including swimming pools, helipads, wellness centres, private cinemas, beach clubs, sports courts, dive centres and more.

There is also the unparalleled level of service that goes into the onboard experience. From onboard chefs to specialist spas, the service goes above and beyond.

Superyacht owners are also treated with privacy and freedom, allowing them to beat the crowds and explore the world's blue water havens as and when they please.

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The current superyacht market

Superyacht sales have boomed throughout the pandemic. According to figures in the latest edition of Boat International's Global Order Book, more than 1,200 superyachts are scheduled to be built in 2022 – a rise of 25% from last year. Currently, the total number of sales for 2022 stands at 33, with a combined value of €418m.

According to the Superyacht Group, the number of vessels delivered has grown 50% from 2020, with more than 700 superyachts sold in 2021.

The superyacht market boom is said to be a reaction to the pandemic as UHNW individuals seek ultra-private forms of transportation and accommodation, prioritising safety and hygiene.

Another factor to consider is the simultaneous advancement of technology and the fact that people can work from anywhere in the world, be it from home or the sundeck of their yacht whilst on vacation in the Bahamas.

Are there any hidden costs to owning a superyacht?

There's a range of extra costs to consider when purchasing a superyacht. Once you agree on a deal with your yacht broker, you can expect to pay around 10% of the yacht's value in annual operational costs, including crew, deck, engineering, fuel, insurance, maintenance and harbour expenses. Approximately 45% of the yearly budget is crew related, making up a large proportion of the overall costs.

Most owners choose to instruct an experienced yacht management company, such as the team at Yachting Partners International, who manage the day-to-day operations of the yacht, including crew, finance, compliance, maintenance and refits. This provides owners with worry-free yacht ownership enabling them to spend more time doing what they love.

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Should I buy or charter a superyacht?

Depending on your preferences, many will vouch for owning a superyacht over chartering one. Of course, there are plenty of perks to chartering a yacht, and it's entirely down to the individual's needs and what they're looking for. For a prearranged vacation, chartering a yacht is a breeze with far less responsibility than owning a yacht.

However, nothing can beat the spontaneity and flexibility that comes with yacht ownership. You can travel on a whim with minimal notice with a bespoke itinerary tailored to your needs. The familiarity of having your own captain and crew is another perk as they can offer customised experiences based on your preferences.

Should I buy a new build yacht?

Purchasing a new build yacht is another approach to consider. The beauty of a new build means you can customise a superyacht to your style before it's even been built, meaning you can create your dream yacht and add just about anything – from helicopter landing pads to open-air cinemas.

Many billionaires have stamped their image on their vessels. Apple founder Steve Jobs created a sleek minimalist yacht reminiscent of his brand’s iconic products, while chemicals tycoon Sir Jim Ratcliffe designed an expedition-style ship that can carry helicopters and mini-subs.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that building a superyacht from scratch will invariably be more costly than buying a ready-built yacht. According to Forbes, a custom built 100-metre superyacht costs around $275 million. Additionally, custom yachts have a far longer lead-time, taking several years to design and build.

Alternatively, another popular option is a semi-custom superyacht. This allows for the best of both worlds, offering faster lead times and reduced costs, as well as the flexibility to personalise the yacht to your exact tastes and lifestyle.

Building a custom superyacht can be a superb experience when you work alongside a reputable yacht brokerage. Highly skilled agents are able to assist with all aspects of project management, including the technical and financial performance, surveys, classification, flag and technical regulatory paperwork and the delivery of the yacht.

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