Damen launches POWER PLAY

Damen yacht Power Play

New addition to Seaxplorer range

Summer 2018 sees a new addition to the Damen Yacht Support range: the 55.5m POWER PLAY.

The sixth in the popular YS 5009 series, it has been designed to combine adventure capabilities and yacht support functions. Features include a new 50m² Aft Adventure Centre/Dive Centre, enhanced autonomy and facilities for operating in zero-discharge zones such as marine nature reserves.

POWER PLAY accommodates 6 guests staying in 3 suites. With a Gross Tonnage of 489, it offers the capabilities of a DAMEN Yacht Support vessel, including the 12-tonne deck crane and stern A-frame fittings for efficient launch of substantial equipment such as submersibles. POWER PLAY reaches speeds above 20 knots with a crew of 7 and extra accommodation for 4 staff, pilots, security or guides.

DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen says: “It’s inspiring to see how a new generation of owners is driving this market. It’s very dynamic, it’s not the conventional thinking about luxury yachting. Our clients have fantastic ideas for diving, aircraft, luxury toys and serious boats. They are planning adventures of a lifetime and even getting involved in underwater exploration, science, film-making or racing yacht events. As a shipbuilder, it’s exciting to be a part of making their ideas a reality.”