An interview with Guy Papillon, Canelli Yachts

Canelli Yachts

"We couldn’t find what we were looking for on the market - so we created our own shipyard"

YPI is proud to be the official Monaco distributor for Canelli Yachts, a new shipyard specialising in tenders and day boats up to 52ft. Co-Founder & Sales Director Guy Papillon tells us about how the brand started and what makes these vessels unique.

Q: What makes a Canelli yacht different?

"Canelli is different from other yachts in terms of both design and concept. We have created a very modern design, a lounge and party yacht on the sea. We concentrated on onboard comfort for all guests: for example, inside we put a spacious bathroom with a shower. Finally, safety onboard is the most important thing, especially for families, so we designed all our models with high bulwarks so every guest can walk around freely and safely onboard."

Q: How did the Canelli brand start?

"The Canelli team all come from backgrounds specialising in yachts up to 30 metres. We were looking for a boat that we were passionate to sell to clients, but we couldn’t find what we were looking for on the market – so we created our own shipyard! After working on the Canelli project for 2 years, we launched our first yacht, the 39 Revolutio, in August 2017. Our idea was to launch a modern design that was not similar to any other brand, not another copy."

Q: What type of owners will these yachts appeal to?

"Today, people all live differently and more people are buying waterside properties to keep a day boat close by. Canelli has been designed as a tender for either large yachts or for marina apartments. You can enjoy a day onboard with your guests, and at the end of the day it is easy to clean and easy to store in any port."

Q: What uses are the yachts designed for?

"These yachts are made to be used - they are designed for people who want to spend time onboard and go bewtween places easily and conveniently. The 39 Revolutio accommodates 4 people so you could comfortably stay onboard in the Port of St Tropez for a few nights. Our yachts aren’t designed for cruising: they should be an extension to an Owner’s flat or house, functioning as an annex or tender. They have all the comforts people need in order to feel as relaxed as they do at home."

Q: What should potential owners know about running a yacht like this?

"The advantage of this size of yacht is that the running costs and fuel consumption are low. It gives Owners a lot more freedom as they do not feel tied to being onboard every day of a holiday. They can have a day on the boat, then a day on their motorbike, then go out in their jeep or convertible the next day."

Q: What destinations are the yachts best suited to?

"I would say any destination with marinas. As well as the South of France, they would be ideal to explore island destinations like Florida, Scandinavia, Norway, Thailand and even South Korea. You can enjoy a full day on the yacht and then berth easily at a marina that would be off limits to a large yacht and stay on land in a luxury hotel or apartment."

Q: What are the upcoming plans for Canelli Yachts?

"Our Revolutio 39 Cocktail will be attending the Monaco Yacht Show as a tender for YPI and before that, we will be attending the Cannes Yachting Festival. We will have a Revolutio 27, 33 and 39 launching in 2019, as well as an Innovatio 28.34 and 40. Other models will also be launched in the near future!"