New build with YPI

If you can picture your ideal yacht, we can help you realise it. We’ll be there during every step of the process, from first concept to yacht construction, maiden voyage and beyond.

Build a yacht
Define your dream

Define your dream

Your yacht should be a perfect fit with your lifestyle. Perhaps you want a helipad on your superyacht to help you explore remote locations. Or maybe you’d rather create a bigger swimming pool. This is your opportunity to realise the onboard life you dream of.

Using the latest technology and a specially-assembled team of designers and shipbuilders, we’ll help you make your vision a reality.

Plans and designs

After we’ve worked with you to create the brief and preliminary specification, it’s time to select the architects and interior designers that match your project.

Choosing the right team is essential to achieving your ambition. We have long-standing relationships across the industry so you can be confident we’ll find the correct partner for your build.

Systems and equipment

Depending on the brief, the yacht design process can take between two to 12 months. At this stage, we’ll define the standards and criteria of the vessel so we can manage the costs. This helps us make the whole process more efficient.

Shipyard selection

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a shipyard. And they each have different specialities, personalities and approaches to yacht construction. We have strong ties and long-standing relationships with the industry’s biggest and most respected players all over the world so we’ll work with your team to choose the right one.

Contract negotiation

We’ll help you negotiate the contract and define the standards and criteria for your yacht or superyacht. We work independently from the yacht builders so we make sure they stick to your requirements and don’t compromise.

Budget preparation and monitoring

A complicated project needs careful monitoring to keep it on track. We monitor every decision and work with your representatives to endeavour the team can finish on time and in budget.

Onsite representation and progress reporting

Onsite representation and progress reporting

We have a full team on site during the build to monitor and advise on its progress. We report everything back to you so you’ll know that the project is meeting your vision and budget.

Managing subcontractors

We vet and monitor every subcontractor that works on your yacht. With regular reporting to you and your team, we leave nothing to chance.

Sea trials

This exciting phase is one of the final confirmations that the yacht meets or exceeds all of the design, operational and performance requirements. We work as an integral part of the team, coordinating the yard and assisting the crew bring the yacht to life and monitor its performance.


Your first journey with your new yacht should be exciting and worry-free. We oversee and coordinate the commissioning and acceptance from the shipyard into operations. We’ll translate the handover protocols into operational procedures so that the crew have all the tools they need on delivery.


The build project might be complete, but your yacht deserves the best of care throughout its life. We work with your captain and engineer to provide technical and operational support throughout your yacht ownership.

360° yacht management from a team you can trust

360° yacht management

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