Guest VIP Services

Jets for island hopping. On-board entertainment. Private tours of local hidden gems. Our team will take care of anything and everything, from adrenalin rush to the ultimate in relaxation.

Guest VIP Services

On-board entertainment

Magicians. Acrobats. Private wine tasting. Water toys for all ages. No two charters are the same when it comes to entertainment. While onboard, you can switch off and leave it to us to make every moment memorable. We’ll work with you to create unforgettable events, evening entertainment and activities for children.

On board entertainment
Superyacht water toys
Yacht charter well being

Beauty and wellness

Experience ultimate relaxation as you cruise between different destinations. Accomplish your morning workout with panoramic ocean views. To help you look and feel your best while on charter, we can bring any professional to the yacht including masseuses, beauticians, pilates instructors and personal trainers.

Premium transport

With partners like VistaJet, we make travelling to and from your destination a seamless experience with premium levels of comfort. Whether you need a simple transfer, stand-by service, day trip or short-term rental, we can arrange a jet, helicopter, tender or car

Luxury transport to your yacht
Luxury tailored events

Luxury tailored events

Securing the best berth in the port for events like the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival isn’t easy – unless you have the right contacts. Leave it to us to arrange last minute tickets and find the top spot for viewing the action. Beyond big events, we can arrange golf days, birthday parties and activities for children.

Secure the best berths for your yacht at key events

Exploring your destination

Our connections help get the most out of any destination you visit. We have extensive local knowledge of cultural highlights like museums and shipwrecks, as well as private hidden gems. Our contacts also keep us up to date on trending bars and help us secure reservations at exclusive restaurants.

Exploring your destination
Thank you for everything you have done for us. I’m very impressed by how you managed to pull everything together last minute, especially when it came to the sports equipment and water toys.
Owners' Representative 35m Motor Yacht

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