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Adventure in protected waters

Designed to leave the minimum ecological footprint, adventure yacht ARCANA has been technologically developed to offer the highest fuel efficiency and adhere to the most stringent regulations for CO² emissions. Advanced dynamic positioning allows the yacht to access very sensitive places without the risk of dropping anchors on corals or disturbing sensitive seabeds. She exceeds all current environment protection requirements, including IMO Nox Tier 3 for nitrogen oxide emissions, and features a non-toxic hull antifouling coating with non-biocide-release in order not to harm the marine life.



Zero emission potential

Perini Navi's first 25m Eco Tender is in build, due for delivery in early 2019. The tender is available in a zero-emission mode, innovating by using batteries to power the waterjets. Ideal as a day boat or tender for exploring marine parks or other environmentally sensitive areas.


sherpa xl

Pocket eco superyacht

The first Arcadia Sherpa XL eco-friendly motor yacht is currently in build. The self-sufficient 'pocket' superyacht features large deck spaces, vast interior volumes thanks to a 6.9m beam and 220 sqm of living spaces. The yacht will be equipped with solar panels that provide 2kW of clean electricity (powering almost all the hotel load), low-consumption appliances and LED lights to further reduce its environmental impact.

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