Get Your Copy of the New Spring/Summer "The YPI Selection"

The new 56-page Spring/Summer edition of The YPI Selection goes out to all YPI clients showcasing over 70 of the world’s finest superyachts for sale and charter this season.


“It’s a great way of seeing some of the best offers now available for charter or to buy,” says YPI Group CEO Bertrand Vogèle. “There are some stunning luxury motor and sail yachts available now through YPI – including some amazing new-builds that will be ready for this summer.”


This edition of The YPI Selection also includes:

  • over 70 of the world’s finest superyachts for sale and charter this season
  • a special Market Intelligence Report on the state of the industry today
  • behind the scenes news from two of the world’s most reputable yacht builders – Feadship and FIPA
  • feature news on the team behind YPI Management’s success
  • Discover the secrets of proper crew recruitment with YPI Crew.

The YPI Selection is sent out to clients and contacts all over the world as well as being distributed at events, shows and venues throughout the year.



How The YPI Selection sells yachts…

Part of the value of working with a full-service superyacht brokerage house such as Yachting Partners International (YPI) is getting the most up-to-date inside information on the latest and newest yachts to come to the market – often before they are publically announced.

The teams at YPI Brokerage and YPI Charter ensure clients get this level of information on a constant basis so the pick-of-the-best gets to YPI clients before anyone else.

But not all aspects of yachting need the constant push of immediacy. That’s why YPI publishes the Bi-annual The YPI Selection.

“It’s a chance to take some time out and enjoy browsing through our selection of some of the finest yachts in the world,” says YPI Group CEO Bertrand Vogèle. “We choose the showcase yachts based on a number of criteria including how much of an opportunity we believe they represent in today’s market place and how solid an investment we feel they might make.”


The Brokerage yachts fall into 3 categories – motor, sail and new construction. “Our clients all share a passion for yachting,” explains Senior Sales and New Construction Broker, Matt Albert, “but not all for the same yachts. Even amongst those wishing to buy a motor yacht there will be very different requests and demands covering everything from size, speed, space, fuel consumption…even the toys and extras. Some clients will be happy to buy an older well proven yacht - perhaps to refit her to their own tastes…others will prefer to build new.”


In this issue the Charter yachts are displayed by destination. “The majority of our clients decide upon their destination first and then the yacht,” says Head of YPI Charter, Fiona Maureso. “We’ve highlighted some of the most amazing yachts we have this Spring and Summer in places like the East and West Mediterranean, the Adriatic and the Pacific. We have taken the time to select and spotlight two particularly environmentally responsible charter yachts that we know appeal to more and more clients.”

This edition of The YPI Selection also includes a Market Intelligence Report and features on the team behind YPI Management and YPI Crew.“ We live in an era of ‘information overload’,” says Group Marketing Manager, Mark Duncan. "It’s hard to tell what’s relevant and what’s not. So I’d like to think that we filter out the noise and the unnecessary and provide our clients with just the information, the images and the guidance they need to properly stay abreast of what is going on in yachting and with YPI."

“It’s a digital age…we don’t print as many publications as we used to,” says Mark. “The YPI Selection is made available for download from our website as well as being readable and storable on I-pad…but there is still a demand and a need from our clients for a high quality, well produced book to show off our client yachts in all their glory. Producing books of this standard is never easy…but we hope clients will enjoy this new edition as much as all the teams in YPI have enjoyed contributing to it.”