Making Waves with superyacht toys


This article was first published in Issue 2 of YPI's client magazine: 360° 


The yachts may be expansive, expensive and exclusive, but so often it’s the toys that generate a guest buzz. Julia Brandon checks out some of the coolest toys on the market for 2016.


Seabob F5 S

The SEABOB F5 S is the ultimate high-performance craft. Produced in a modern, low-weight construction with a high-powered electric drive, it offers peak performance paired with eco-friendliness. High-quality carbon components, ceramic coatings and seawater-resistant stainless steel result in a weight of just 35kg, which in turn means it can be lifted out of the water by a single person without the need for any extra equipment. Pitched as the world’s fastest water sled, it boasts an impressive propulsive force of 680 newtons, but its easy handling makes it suitable for sportsmen or cruisers alike. At a price of €12,828 (US$14,450) with an extended colour range now available for 2016, the SEABOB F5 S teams a high degree of manoeuvrability with a sporty, stylish aesthetic. The six gears allow for both relaxed cruising and fast, ambitious driving in equal measure.

What’s cool:
Diving depth of 40 metres (131ft 2in)


Powered by an emission-free electrical jet engine, Lampuga’s new surfboard is fast, agile and light due to its carbon fibre build. With a top speed of 37mph, battery life of up to 40 minutes and at 2.56 metres (8ft 3in) in length, its an effortlessly cool buy for any yacht at €18,500 (US$20,890).

lampuga boost surfboard
What’s cool:
Excellent battery life and great speed


Nautibuoy Yoga PlatformCosting around €8,790 (US$9,920) for the largest model in Hypalon, the Nautibuoy Yoga Platform can be streamed off the back of a yacht or anchored off the beach. The largest platform has a maximum inflate/deflate time of three-and-a-half minutes, and all are available with a teak-look non-skid surface and a diamond non-skid cover. Once inflated, the platform is extremely rigid due to its dropstitch core, with a double layer of Hypalon material to protect against wear and tear. The ballast bags on the underside provide an incredibly stable platform, allowing for relaxation even closer to the water, and the patent-pending ballast dump system expels all the ballast water from each bag in one movement, making the platform easy to deflate and roll into its stowable protective bag.

What’s cool: 
Multiple platforms can be joined in endless possibilities to make jet ski docks, runways or work platforms


Available in Shark, Killer Whale or Dolphin model, the Seabreacher Z is a hand-built, fully customisable and semi-submersible watercraft. With prices starting from around €88,200 (US$100,000) it operates more like an aircraft with full three axis of control – pitch, roll, and yaw – and iThe Seabreacher Zs able to carve left and right, jump over,  dive under and cut through waves. The Seabreacher Z comes with a standard 260hp supercharged engine, while the acrylic canopy and underwater view ports give pilot and passenger a near 360-degree view. Pilots only typically dive to around 1.5 metres (5ft), for about 10 seconds at a time, and almost always have a portion of the snorkel above the waterline, so it’s not considered a submarine. Should the pilot dive below snorkel depth, the engine will stall, before resurfacing thanks to its positive buoyancy and engineered ability to always right itself.

What’s cool:
First model capable of performing high-speed 360-degree barrel rolls on the water


Climbing walls have become the latest must-have yacht toy, and they don’t come any bigger than the FunAir Climbing Wall, which stretches to an impressive 12 metres (39ft 3in) high. Designed to accommodate a range of skill levels, it has multiple climbing tracks and an exclusive handhold design. Retailing at €15,800 (US$18,000), it now comes equipped with a new feature for 2016 – auto belay system anchors that boost safety and provide the most user-friendly climb on the market. FunAir’s patented RapidFlate system makes life easier for crew by reducing inflation and deflation times, resulting in a six times faster set-up and take down, as well as being much lighter and folding up tighter than other models, helping to reduce storage space.

FunAir Slide
FunAir Climbing Wall


What’s cool: Often paired with FunAir’s Hanger Extreme Yacht Slide to make a circuit of non-stop fun


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