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STCW updating training - don't leave it too late! Next session from 5 to 7 december 2016 just some places left !

The Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention (STCW 2010) bring about a number of changes.

One of the most significant amendments is the requirement for all seafarers to update some elements of the mandatory STCW safety training from From 1 January 2017 !

"If you are serving on board ship and are qualified in any of the following you must, as of the 1 January 2017, have documentary evidence of either completing the training course or updating training within the last 5 years"

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La Belle Classe Academy
Program STCW Basic Safety Training Refresher

Course Name
STCW Basic Safety Training Refresher

3 days

5-6-7 Dec 2017


Target Group
This training course is designed for seafarers employed or engaged in any capacity on board
ship on the business of that ship as part of the ship's complement with designated safety or
pollution prevention duties in this operation of the ship.

For admission to the course, a delegate must be in the possession of a valid approved medical
certificate for seafarers.
For receiving a certificate of Basic Safety Training, the delegate must:
- Be not younger than 18 years of age.
- Meet the standard of competence for certificates of Basic Safety Training set out in Section
A-VI/1-1, Section A-VI/1-2, Section VI/1-3 and Section A-VI/1-4 of the STCW Code 1978, as

Receive appropriate approved Basic Training of instruction in:
- Personal Survival Techniques as set out in table A-VI/1-1
- Fire Prevention and Fire-Fighting as set out in table A-VI/1-2
- Elementary first Aid as set out in table A-VI/1-3
- Personal Safety And Social Responsibilities as set out in table A-VI/1-4

- Personal Survival Techniques (Table A-VI/1-1)
- Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Table A-VI/1-2)
- Elementary First Aid (Table A-VI/1-3)
- Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (Table A-VI/1-4)

Delegates will be assessed against the learning outcomes specified in section VI/1 of the STCW Code 1978, as amended and the IMO Model Courses 1.13, 1.19, 1.20 and 1.21 by using direct observation and oral and/or written questions as appropriate.

After successful completion of the Basic Training, certification will be valid for 5 years. With the implementation of the Manila Amendments 2010, delegates must provide evidence of having the competencies by completing refresher training every 5 years, as described in the STCW Code 1978, as amended section VI-1 Table A-VI/1