New Interactive Website for YPI Crew

YPI Crew is renowned for always being one step ahead of the rest. Now as part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations, YPI Crew director, Laurence Reymann, announces the launch of an all-new interactive, ‘social media’ friendly website loaded with crew extras including a video series sharing some of the secrets to getting ahead.

“I wanted to make our website a lot more relevant and interactive than before,” explains Laurence. “The heart of our website has always been, and still is, the state-of-the-art database which candidates can register with and access, online, as and when they need. But over the last few years I’ve seen just how much our candidates and crew rely on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep on top of the latest news, updates and even opinions on a number of issues. So we have now created a new YPI Crew FACEBOOK page and TWITTER accounts to help make sure our candidates and crew get all the latest YPI Crew updates and news the minute we announce them.”
Laurence and her team were determined to make the new YPI Crew website user friendly and informative. “The recruitment sector in yachting moves very fast,” she says. “We wanted to make sure relevant information gets posted regularly on the site.” As well as offering a window to all the latest comments and news on the YPI Crew FACEBOOK page, the site also carries the latest news on the MLC 2006 and the full range of topics discussed by Laurence and the team each month in the yachting press including her CV Surgery which she writes for The Crew Report.
“It’s a one-stop shop for crew-relevant news and opinion,” says Laurence.
Perhaps one of the most innovative new features to go online is the ‘Be Amongst The Best’ career self-help videos.
“When it comes to training or teaching, video is by far the most effective because it is easy to follow,” says Laurence. “The quality of the crew industry as a whole depends entirely on the training and recruitment processes we all put in place. I wanted a section of the site to share some tips and experience with crew online - this is how we do it.”
The most recent edition in the series, ‘Why Should We Hire You’, covers a number of vital areas that can help crew enjoy a better chance of success when it comes to the interview situation. After just a few days online it had already notched up hundreds of viewings.
“We’ll be broadcasting a new one roughly every month,” says Laurence, “and of course we’ll let everyone know when it’s up via FACEBOOK and TWITTER.”
Visit the new YPI Crew site at: www.ypicrew.com
To find out more contact YPI Crew on:
YPI Crew
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