YPI & TEOMAKI team up to present the first ever class-approved yacht management system

Online yacht management systems are designed to give Captains and Owners real-time information about every aspect of how the yacht is being run and how much it is costing. In reality, they are often plagued by bugs and bad connections. YPI Management and Ulstein TEOMAKI have been investing in a new system that does away with the internet problems and introduces new solutions for yacht owners.


“It is based on tried and tested software used successfully throughout the Luxury Cruise Ship industry,” explains YPI Director and Head of YPI Management, Franc Jansen. “YPI Teomaki is designed to give Captains real-time information on every aspect of their yacht management 24/7 - no matter where they are in the world.”

Whether it's crew issues, payroll, invoices paid, accounts, travel records, Certifications, Rules & Regulations, Compliance issues, Maintenance Planning or any number of Reports and notifications, YPI Teomaki not only allows Captains and Owners to see all the information that’s constantly being input and updated by the YPI Management team, it also allows Captains to update the information themselves.

Using one central database with double access, both shore-side and shipboard authorised personnel can input and update documentation, reports and planning resulting in a completely up-to-date and paperless system without the need for constant CD back-up.

“It is the only Class -Approved Ship Management System, approved by Det Norske Veritas,” says Franc, “But we’ve been fine tuning it and adapting it to the needs and requirements of private yachting, working with our own Captains to develop a system that makes sense and works. I’m very pleased to say that after all the input and all the work, this is one of the finest systems I have ever seen. Quite simply put…it works.”

Now Captains have a chance to see exactly what YPI Teomaki does and how it works at a special, invitation only, YPI Management and Ulstein Teomaki demonstration taking place during the Monaco Yacht Show on Wednesday 22 September at 17.00.

To reserve a demonstration place please contact: William Molloy on +33 6 22 07 23 90 or william.molloy@ypigroup.com

To find out more about YPI TEOMAKI contact us.