2013 witnessed a raft of changes and potential changes to VAT being levied on charters across the whole of Europe. Many of the finer details are still being discussed and negotiated even at the time of writing and in many instances implementation dates, collection procedures and even the rates applicable are not always entirely clear.


However, the demand for chartering yachts has not abated and with a view to always ensuring total piece of mind for our clients, YPI’s Financial and Charter teams continue to liaise with financial experts and advisors to ensure all YPI clients, whether they are yacht owners or charter guests, receive the most up-to-date and accurate advice on VAT available.

To that end we have compiled this brief Overview on the VAT requirements in Europe for this summer based on all the information and advice our teams have been able to ascertain to date.
Should you wish to know more about any of the points mentioned in the Overview please do not hesitate to contact Annemarie Gathercole at YPI Charter on Monaco +377 99 99 97 97 or email ag@ypigroup.com.
We would like to stress, however, that YPI is not a fiscal advisor and whilst we continue to monitor the on-going situation closely, clients and colleagues should never rely solely on the information contained in this Overview. Before acting on any information, clients should always ensure they discuss their own specific cases with their YPI Charter broker who may in turn also recommend you taking independent fiscal advice depending on your situation.
Click here to see the YPI VAT GUIDELINES IN EUROPE