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In an effort to help servicemen and women with their transitions from the services to new careers, the Royal Navy hosts a series of recruitment drives in Portsmouth, England.


Always keen to find the best talent available and never afraid of thinking outside of the box, YPI Crew has been attending these events for the last 8 years, providing valuable information and resources to engineers looking for a change in career.

YPI Crew

“These events are invaluable for us,” explains Laurence. “The Royal Navy turns out amazingly well-trained and disciplined engineers who would normally never think of making the leap from Navy vessels to the world of luxury yachting.” Over the years YPI Crew has introduced a wealth of talent to the superyacht industry, with some of the world’s best engineers on their books. “We have recruited some very special talent from here,” says Recruitment Consultant Jacqueline Young. “Our industry has really benefited from these events and this year the number of young, talented and motivated engineers keen to get involved is as high is as ever.”

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