A NEW GENERATION – helping train a new generation of brokers at the MYBA Seminar


“Over the past ten years a wide range of international students have learned a great deal and benefitted hugely from the Superyacht Brokers Seminar,” explains Fiona Maureso, MYBA President. “It can probably be best described as a professional ‘insight and overview’ of the different commercial and organisational aspects of the superyacht industry.” 

Each day of the three-day course is divided into different segments, with tutors covering key topics such as luxury charter and charter marketing, VAT and tax, the MYBA charter and sales agreements, and the Memorandum of Agreement. Other important subjects, such as yacht ownership structuring and yacht finance, through to surveys and sea trials, yacht marketing, crew personnel and recruitment, customer care and business ethics, are also discussed.

Asked about the importance of the Seminar in today’s environment, longstanding course tutor and YPI Commercial & Marketing Director, Mark Duncan said, “Having the syllabus as focussed as this, means the students get a genuine ‘real-life’ understanding of each and every subject. Matters to do with tax, VAT, ownership structure, finance and such like are the day-to-day responsibility of any serious, professional broker and the Seminar confronts these important issues head-on. We also invite Captains and brokers to explain their roles in the ‘real world’.”

The Seminar Programme Highlights include:

• An introduction to the Superyacht Industry • Analysis of the MYBA Charter Agreement • Analysis of the MYBA Sales Agreement • An overview of communications, Customer Care, business and ethics • Examination of what is involved in Superyacht Management • VAT and Yachts • Ownership Structuring and Finance • Personnel and Training • Chartering from a Captain’s perspective • Networking with fellow brokers and exchange of ideas in Q&A sessions

“Students leave forewarned and, importantly, forearmed with the type of useful information they need to address the critical elements within yachting in a professional and properly informed manner,” adds Mark. “Hopefully that should set these future brokers and managers on the right track to a rewarding and successful career in yachting.”

Photos courtesy of MYBA and Franck Dromas (BLUEIPROD).

The next three day MYBA Superyacht Brokers Seminar will run from 1 – 3 March 2017.
To find out more and to enrol:

Contact the organisers direct:
Lucy Russell, Maritime Training Academy

Tel: +44 (0)2392 524490

OR download the seminar brochure from the Documents Section of the MYBA website:

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MYBA Advanced One Day SeminarCharter:                          6 March 2017
MYBA Advanced One Day Seminar – Sale & Purchase:           7 March 2017