The Business of Superyachts - Why YPI Gets you Results



Two of the world’s most successful yacht shows take place in the South of France every September – the Cannes Boat Show and the Monaco Yacht Show, the world’s biggest yachting event outside of Fort Lauderdale.

This year YPI brought 10 headline yachts to the Shows. The yachts ended up recording over 200 qualified visits, gaining increased print and online press coverage and in the case of the brand-new Baglietto WHY WORRY (see brokerage news) hosted a private VIP champagne soiree for the launch of the new YPI magazine 360° in association with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management attracting more than 60 specially invited guests.



The best of the yacht shows give potential buyers and charterers the chance to visit and sea-trial a vast range of yachts without having to travel all over the world to see them. YPI ensures all specialist teams are in attendance so visitors can get to meet the right people with the right expertise.



Whether you are buying, building or chartering, there is no substitute for seeing more of the types of yachts you are interested in. YPI produces a high spec bi-annual brochure called ‘THE YPI SELECTION’ (get your copy here) which not only profiles some of the very best yachts for sale and charter from YPI today but also gives readers an overview of the yachting market, the latest deals and trends and interviews some of the industry’s leading designers and builders.



Brochures like The YPI Selection inspire readers, often helping them to find more of what they are looking to buy or charter. Sent to a database of existing and potential owners and charterers, as well as important players in the industry, the brochures are read all over the world and continue to generate important enquiries.


(3) 360° MAGAZINE (in association with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management)
      For those with a passion for yachting and life

The latest venture from YPI, “360° Magazine” offers a unique blend of superyacht insight, global business, wealth management trends and luxury lifestyle articles aimed at both existing and potential superyacht owners and charterers. In partnership with Merrill Lynch, Issue One includes insightful pieces by world renowned journalists on everything from marine finance to sustainable yachting, from the state of the markets to extreme destinations as tried and tested by travel journalist Simon Calder. (Download your copy here)



This magazine is part of a bigger YPI strategy to attract new people to luxury yachting. It is distributed to a large international database of wealthy and influential decision makers most of whom have never chartered or purchased before. 30 client yachts are profiled in this edition and features on the benefits of chartering and owning a yacht as well as a Beginners Guide to Superyachting are designed to entice new interest in yachting.



More than 17,000 visitors use the YPI website every month in search of the latest yachts for sale and charter. The most visited pages are those in our brokerage and charter sections with the web generating over 60 qualified yacht enquiries every month.

YPI is leading the way in getting our client yachts the very best online rankings in the world today. We use QR codes to help direct potential buyers and charterers even faster to the yachts they want to see. We use video to help present our yachts and the very best photographers in the world.

This enewsletter is another important part of how we can tell you more about the yachts our other clients have for sale or charter. Read by over 10,000 people every month, this enewsletter keeps everyone in touch with YPI, the yachting industry and the very latest deals.



We all want the very latest information on those things we are interested in but increasingly we want it now and we want it fast. There is no better way to do this than online and by email. That’s also why we ensure all our publications are available as flick through digital books as well as PDF and print.



Now in its 3rd year, the SuperYacht Owners Summit is hosted by YPI in association with The Yacht Report Group. It was created to offer existing and upcoming owners the rare chance of being able to air their concerns, worries and experiences with some of the industry’s most influential decision makers. A chance to help owners learn more about how to get the best from their yachting.



YPI has over 40 years experience in some of the most specialised areas of superyachting. The Yacht Report Group lead by Martin Redmayne is renowned for its insight and intelligence within the industry. Together we are able to help existing owners and advise new owners or charterers on how to ensure they don’t get caught in any of the traps so many newcomers have fallen into when they first took an interest in yachting.



One of the first brokerage houses to set up in this part of the world with a team who already understand the people and their needs, YPI through its new joint venture YPI Asia, now has three offices in China and Hong Kong (see www.ypiasia.com for more information). In the 6 months since YPI Asia was formed, yacht visits and sea-trials for more than 40 serious Chinese investors, buyers and charterers have been organized in Europe with many more planned.



YPI is successful because it works hard to seek out the potential buyers, purchasers, charterers and yacht builders our clients need wherever they are in the world. Asia, and in particular China, is a region that has just discovered a unique range of benefits from yachting – now we are there to make sure our client yachts are amongst the ones they want to buy.


The more people hear and see YPI the more they start to build a trust in us and the more likely they are to come to us for advice and help.

  • This year YPI added two new colours to its brand to help increase the level of stand out it achieves in shows and events all over the world.
  • We have invested in some of the best web and SEO professionals to ensure our website and our yachts are amongst the most frequently found when anyone is searching online for news on superyachting or choices of yachts.
  • We advertise in the most-read marine publications and are now increasing our presence on some of the most visited luxury lifestyle sites in the world.
  • We are present at the most high profile yachting events, regattas and seminars in the world.
  • Where there is a passion for yachting – you will find YPI.