Sailing Yachts - What are the advantages?

Last year the volume of orders for new sailing yachts almost doubled that of 2009. The amount of sailing yachts taking part in the increasing number of regattas around the world continues to grow as does the amount of people chartering them. For most yachting aficionados it’s the thrill of the race, the excitement of the challenge and working together as a team that makes the sailing experience so much more than anything motor yachts can offer. But today, sailing yachts are also being chartered and purchased by people who are not a part of the enthusiast or regatta set. The question is why?


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“Being at sea on a sailing yacht is an entirely different experience to being on a motor yacht,” explains Head of YPI Sail, William Bishop. “Sailing yachts allow you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. There are few people not captivated by the beauty and grace of a sailing yacht gliding into anchorage at sail. They slice through the water so the only noise you hear is the wind and the sea and the sound of nature itself. For many, sailing is being a part of what is around you…not an observer.”





Sailing yachts can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to buy or charter a yacht. Whether you are looking for the type of exhilarating performance offered by a carbon 100’ yacht or the majesty and comfort of the largest J-Class on the ocean, sailing yachts offer many things for many people.

“They are the ultimate in naval architecture,” explains Franc Jansen, Head of YPI Management who manages a number of sailing yachts. “Sailing yachts are a part of the heritage, the myth and the love of the sea. They represent a vibrant marine history, an art and an industry that is developing faster than ever before.”

For many of today’s buyers and charterers, sailing yachts underline an important shift in our sense of priorities when it comes to the world around us.


Sailing yacht VALQUEST

“Sailing yachts tend to be more economical to run than motor yachts,” explains Will. “It doesn’t matter how much money you are worth, money saved on fuel is money that can be enjoyed elsewhere. They are also environmentally responsible. They use wind power, they recycle and store energy. ETHEREAL, for example, uses a hybrid electric-diesel propulsion system and lithium batteries that charge when the yacht is under sail. And these innovations come without any need for compromise on the luxury of the experience onboard.”

Long gone are the days when sailing yachts meant cramped living spaces and hard work.

“Some sailing yachts are becoming increasingly popular for charter,” explains Head of YPI Charter, Fiona Maureso. “Yachts like WINDROSE and VALQUEST offer considerable space for guests, whether it is for dining, entertaining or sleeping, and are equipped with all the latest entertainment and communications technology. The crew on sail yachts can be as present or as discreet as required. Some yachts like TWIZZLE or MALTESE FALCON are operated by a small crew who never need to impinge on the private space of owners and guests. And of course how fast or slow the yacht sails depends entirely on guests.”

“All sail yachts have engines so they don’t have to rely on the wind,” explains Will. “Most sailing yachts can motor up to speeds of 10 knots. There also exists a hybrid between sail and motor yachts. Motorsailers give owners and guests the freedom to cruise the yacht either under sail or under power at even greater speeds, as well as offering more deck space than traditional sail yachts and increased storage for water sports equipment.”

For yacht owner and entrepreneur Jan-Eric Österlund, the choice of yacht for his now famous two-year voyage around the world was critical. He told YPI: “Either type of yacht, motor or sail, would have allowed such a voyage of discovery to happen, but it was the harmony and balance provided by ADELE (the 54.9 metre Vitters seen here on the right) that was key to the wondrous experience we all enjoyed.”

Well known for its sailing yacht expertise, YPI has sailing yachts for charter or purchase covering the whole range of sizes and designs available. “The world’s best sailing yachts for sale today are available through YPI,” explains Will. “We have the finest and largest J-Class to date, the World Superyacht Awards’ nominee, LIONHEART; the multi-award winning METEOR and WINDROSE; the beautifully modern VALQUEST; KEALOHA, WILLIAM TAI and a host of others designed and built by the world’s leading shipyards and designers.”





Potential buyers can also benefit from the new ‘YPI Try Then Buy’ offer which allows parties interested in purchasing one of the Group’s sailing yachts to test out the yachts firsthand by chartering at very competitive rates.

“So many of our owners buy their first yachts this way,” explains Will. “We want to make sure our clients acquire a yacht that is right for them rather than ending up disappointed one year down the road. The ‘YPI Try Then Buy’ is by far the best way of getting to know a yacht and how it performs.”

The YPI Group has a long and successful tradition working with sailing yachts. “Over the last 40 years, we have bought, sold, managed, crewed and chartered some of the world’s most renowned sailing vessels,” explains YPI Group CEO, Bertrand Vogèle. “It is important for clients who charter or buy, that our teams have an acute understanding as to how these yachts perform. That’s what makes the difference.”





 1. Allows you the chance to experience and enjoy the journey as much as the destination

 2. Much more apart of the heritage and tradition of yachting than motor yachts

 3. More environmentally responsible than motor yachts

 4. More economical on fuel than motor yachts

 5. Delivers a more tranquil and relaxed experience than a motor yacht

 6. Regattas bring owners and charterers together in fantastic locations for an unforgettable and exhilarating racing experience  with a great sense of camaraderie and fun

 7. Offers speed, space and luxurious comfort without compromise


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The book “Exploring With Adele” by Jan-Eric Österlund featuring stunning photography of the author’s two-year voyage around the world is available at all good bookshops and through all quality online sellers.