William Bishop, Sales & New Construction Broker with YPI Brokerage  announces the sale of the very contemporary and superbly styled 43m Baglietto: M.Y. MACALULU.


MACALULU first drew some very admiring glances during last year’s Monaco Yacht Show and now, just five months on from the CA being signed with YPI Brokerage, the yacht has been sold for a “very correct price”.

“The sale was the result of some very close co-operation across our Divisions,” says Alex Braden, YPI Group Chairman, “notably Brokerage, Charter and Management. And there was an exemplary flow of know-how and networking with our broker colleagues which culminated in what was a very well negotiated sale with our friends at CSO.”
“She was worth the extra effort,” William Bishop told us, “This was a yacht we were passionate about selling, particularly in these interesting times.”

Passion is something YPI is well known for within the industry, and following on so soon after their record-breaking sale of the superb 74m Espen Oeino, M.Y. SILVER, it is a quality that seems to be standing YPI, their clients and partners, in very good stead.

“We get results,” smiles Bertrand VogeleGroup Managing Director. “Quite simply…that’s what we’re here for.”

”It is proof once more, if ever any was needed,” adds Alex, “that not all brokerage business, even in these times, has to be 'cut-throat' in nature. Operating good business practice with a firm knowledge of the market place still brings excellent results.”