There are over 300 Apps available under a search for ‘yachting’ in the Apple Store today. That’s in addition to the one million Apps available on each of the Apple and Google Play Stores where over 50 billion Apps have been downloaded to date. So why on earth would YPI want to put its resources and time into creating yet another one?



“To reach out to a whole new world of potential owners and charterers,” is the immediate response from YPI Commercial & Marketing Director, Mark Duncan. “People who are perfectly able to enjoy all that yachting has to offer but who barely even know it exists. Apps are a fast and convenient way to access information. App usage today accounts for more than half of all digital time in anyone’s life. That’s a level of reach and frequency too tempting to ignore.

“We believe a genuinely useful and simultaneously fun App sharing much of our 42 years of insight and experience in all aspects of yachting is a great way of showing those who have never done it before just how much there is to enjoy. And it comes with a user experience that is second to none.”

This year marks an important milestone for digital when it comes to Apps.

“A whopping 85% of time spent by the average person on their mobile device is spent using an App,” says YPI Digital Strategy Manager, Olivier Palayan. And this year is the first time more people accessed the internet via an App on their mobile device than those using PCs. Apps have become the internet access of choice. We want to make sure YPI remains at the forefront in developing and adapting this technology to help promote yachting.”

What’s new in the YPI APP?

Launched at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show and created together with Progressive Customer Publishing (PCP) and developers Oppolis, the YPI APP is organised into six sections and aimed at both those new to yachting as well as those with more experience. It covers every aspect from chartering, buying and selling, ownership and crewing to yacht searches, news from YPI and the new ‘Yachts Around Me’ interactive feature powered by Marine Traffic.

Users can choose to download those sections that interest them the most or the whole App…and at speeds 50% faster than the first version released last year.

“There are features on designers and shipyards, a Round Table on the current state of the industry, spotlight yachts for sale and charter, recommended destinations, itineraries, our Insider’s Guide to Charter for those who have never done it before and a series of in-depth pieces on subjects affecting yacht owners today,” continues Mark. “However the feature many people have been talking about is ‘Yachts Around Me’.”

What is ‘Yachts Around Me’? 

“We started from the principle that an App has to be useful and practical but also fun,” explains YPI Group CEO, Philippe Hetland Brault. It occurred to me that yacht owners and yacht charterers often like to be able to find out more about the brand, the age and sizes of those yachts that are around them when they are moored or sailing nearby. We know of many yacht lovers who already use websites and Apps to identify yachts around them, however these sources tend to mix yachts with hundreds of small boats and even merchant ships. So we decided to develop an App purely for yachting with the most comprehensive data available and the very best photography.”

YPI linked up with Marine Traffic, one of the world’s leading providers of vessel tracking solutions, to provide an interactive map showing those yachts around the user.

“The yachts you see around you on the maps, are those with an IMO number,” explains Olivier. “That is most yachts above 30 metres. We essentially married those yachts with our own database solutions systems to provide the extra information on charter and sales and, in some cases, some stunning additional photography.”

“We now have staff adding to and updating the data and images every day,” adds Philippe. “They are continuing to develop the database and we really do invite all users, be they owners or captains, to help us make ‘Yachts Around Me’ the most reliable and comprehensive tool in yachting.

“‘Yachts Around Me’ is designed to promote yachting, to open the eyes of newcomers to all that yachts and yachting has to offer. We want it to be for the benefit of everyone. So we ask our users not to be passive, but to share their knowledge and information with us so we can share it with everyone else.”

How to download the YPI App?

For the optimum user experience, the YPI App has been designed for both iOS and Android systems, for smartphones and tablets and is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Users simply need to search for ‘YPI’ or ‘YPI SELECTION’.

How can users help YPI spread the word?

“If users like our App and genuinely find it useful, we ask that they ‘RATE IT’ and share it with their friends,” explains Mark. “Ultimately, despite the fact we have a formidable amount of software, data and staff supporting our App, we have to put any ego aside and admit that we are only human. So if users see some specifications they think may be incorrect, or if they have info we can add to make it even more useful for other users, we ask them to let us know straight away.

“This project owes so much to so many people especially the captains, brokers, owners and teams at Marine Traffic and PCP who have helped us create something informative, useful and ultimately fun. Our goal is that through our App more people decide to take the plunge and try yachting for the very first time. Maybe they charter one of the yachts they see on Yachts Around Me. Maybe they buy their first ever yacht from our in-App selection. Any help users can give us to achieve that goal is worth its weight in gold…for all of us.”


For more on the YPI APP contact:

Olivier Palayan
Digital Strategy Manager

Tel: +377 99 99 98 63
Email: op@ypigroup.com


Mark Duncan
Commercial & Marketing Director

Tel: +377 99 99 97 97
Email: md@ypigroup.com