A record month for YPI Charter. But what is the secret to promoting a charter yacht?

With the summer season now in full swing, the team at YPI Charter would normally be winding down on last minute charter bookings whilst their clients really start savouring the delights of life onboard the yacht of their choice somewhere on the Mediterranean. But this year...it's all a bit different. This year, the last minute bookings are still coming through and the team  at YPI Charter are working 24/7 to find the right yachts for the right people in super quick time. 

"Finding the right yacht for our clients is critical to the ultimate success of their charter holiday," explains Catherine Ambrogi,YPI Group Director and Head of YPI Charter. "Many of our clients have a good idea as to what type of yacht they would like for their holiday...but many depend on us finding them the right yacht for the type of holiday they want."

The crew, the chef, the toys, the entertainment systems, telecommunications, location...all these elements are taken into consideration when putting together a selection of yachts for clients to choose from. But when it comes to the yacht itself, YPI Charter have a great way of making sure brokers really get to know their yachts.

"We hold an Open Day," says Catherine. "We bring together a selection of yachts and invite brokers and guests on board for a light lunch and a short cruise so they can really get to understand and appreciate all the qualities and features of our yachts."

It's a practice that seems to be working well for the team- YPI Charter yachts are busy this season - and it's a practice many brokers are getting to enjoy themselves.


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