YPI CAPTAINS ESCAPE: 2nd ‘YPI Captains Escape’ over-subscribed and “awesome”


Situated just off the coast of Hyères in the south of France, the Porquerolles Island covers an area of just over 12km2, is home to around 400 islanders, was the setting for the 1949 novel ‘Mon Ami Maigret’ (My Friend Maigret) by Georges Simenon and forms part of the summer season itinerary for many YPI Charter yachts. It is also home to YPI CEO Philippe Hetland Brault and the exclusive location for YPI & YPI Crew’s eagerly anticipated annual Captains Escape – two days of island life, the YPI Petanque Championship, some good food and wine and a chance to relax with colleagues and friends at the end of the summer season and just ahead of the madness that is the Monaco Yacht Show.

“We had over 60 guests on the island this year,” explains YPI Crew Director, Laurence Lewis. “It was fantastic. It’s so good to have a proper chance to thank captains for all their hard work and commitment throughout the year and to welcome them to a world many have not yet had the chance to enjoy for themselves.”

Over the course of two days, invited YPI Captains have a chance to relax in their hotels, sip some RICARD from YPI partners Ricard, take part in the YPI Petanque Challenge enjoy local food and wine in the renowned Le Porquerollais restaurant and catch up with colleagues and friends on the beautiful island of Porquerolles.

“I have had a home here for many years here,” says YPI CEO Philippe Hetland Brault, “and I am a great petanque fan so naturally many of the inhabitants here have become my true friends. And I am pleased to say they welcome our Captains and our YPI team with open arms.”

This year the YPI Petanque Challenge was narrowly won by Nigel Bigwood, Claire Packham and Luke Humphries in a final that finished so late, it took the moonlight and iphones to illuminate the ‘terrain’.

“We are not really into the bling bling,” says Laurence. “We prefer to spend quality time with our captains and we want them to feel relaxed, not ‘on show’. Our Captains Escape achieves just that in stunning surroundings with good people.

As one attending captain summarised it: “I am so pleased I came along. It was such a low key, easy going time there, a breath of fresh air from what I expect these types of gatherings to be.”

For another captain, it was the chance to see the island for the very first time. “So many of us are here every year with guests onboard but we never get the chance to see the island for ourselves. It’s a little paradise. It’s awesome. A big thanks to YPI.”

YPI and YPI Crew would like to thank all captains and their partners for being a part of our Escape.

Watch out for details of our next YPI Crew event.

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Final in the dark...