A Brave New World - New China Offices. New Technology. Attracting a New Generation of Charterer



Just three months after it was first incorporated, YPI Asia, the specialist Chinese division of YPI, is now in the process of opening a new office at the exciting new Nansha Marina development.

Located at the heart of the Pearl River Delta between Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macao, the Marina covers 22 km2, is accessible by 5 major airports and sits at the heart of a new luxurious tourist destination.

“We are at the very beginning of a new industry and pastime in China,” explains YPI Group CEO Bertrand Vogèle. “There is an estimated 1,300 privately owned yachts in this country compared to 17 million in America but the interest is here and the industry is growing.”

According to the Hurun Report, China’s equivalent to the Forbes Rich List, of the 875,000 millionaires that live in China, nearly half intend to buy a yacht.

“That may be a little optimistic,” says YPI Asia MD, Olivier Besson, “but the Government with some private investment is fast developing the infrastructure needed to make superyachting not only a viable proposition here but an attractive one worldwide.”

The new Nansha Marina is just one of a series of ports under construction along China’s 9000 mile coastline with the city of Tianjin building what will be the country’s largest offering 750 berths up to 295 feet long at a cost of just under 9 billion Yuan ($1.4 billion).


“Positioning in China is everything,” explains Olivier. “Our offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen are very strategic. The new location in Nansha puts us at the heart of one of the most exciting new developments today giving us the space to show and store the sort of superyachts we are most used to seeing outside of this region.”

To further ensure the consistent and successful growth of YPI Asia within China and Hong Kong, the company has recruited Estelle Zhang as Marketing & Communications Manager.

“We have so much interest from the Chinese press right now,” explains Olivier, “not only in YPI Asia but in our knowledge of luxury yachting. We realized how important a Chinese speaking communications person on site was going to be.”

A university graduate from Shanghai, fluent in Chinese, French & English, Estelle comes to YPI Asia with a strong background in luxury media and two years at the successful private jet & yacht show, the Hainan Rendez-Vous.

“To have the chance of being at the heart of what is a new industry in my country,” says Estelle, “is very exciting. Being a part of a group like YPI with its experience and know-how all over the world is like a dream come true. It’s not easy for foreign business to make it work here without local understanding and drive - with YPI and YPI Asia we have both.”


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Originally developed in 1994 by Toyota for tracking car parts, QR codes can be scanned by any smart phone or tablet to take the user directly to details of a related special offer or more in-depth news or even a video or photo presentation illustrating more about a certain product or service – and all without having to type in a web address or a long URL.

“QR codes and new technology like mobile augmented reality are essentially bridging the gap between what we see in the real world and the extra stuff we can access in the digital world through our smart phones and tablets,” explains YPI Group Marketing Manager, Mark Duncan. “Mobile phone sales increased by 35% last year, smart phone sales increased by three times that amount. And it’s a trend that’s speeding up as more people of all ages turn to mobile communication for reading emails and getting information quickly.”

Latest statistics show that already 25% of subscribers in the US say they never or rarely use anything else other than their phone to access the web - a figure that increases to 59% in India and a massive 70% in Egypt.

“As part of an overall drive to ensure clients can always have the maximum quality information at their fingertips wherever they may be, we started using the codes last month in our ads, directing clients interested in certain yachts to more information and photos.”

It is an initiative that has taken some planning and resulted in some important improvements to the website.

“We invested some time and money in optimising our website to ensure all smart phones can quickly and properly access the information,” explains YPI Group Web Manager, Olivier Palayan. “Not all our clients rely on mobile technology or know about QR codes yet…but for those that do, we want to make sure we open up immediate mobile access to a whole new world of yacht information and imagery.”



One of the most frequent criticisms leveled at the yachting industry comes from those interested in chartering or purchasing a luxury yacht for the very first time.

“So many people tell us how difficult they initially found it was to get basic information on how the industry works,” explains YPI Group CEO, Bertrand Vogèle. “It was almost impossible for them to find out more about how this business works without being hounded by brokers or reps.”

This encouraged YPI to think more about how to help newcomers better understand the world of luxury yachting and provide them with the initial help and guidance to better find their way around.

One way is to host a private cocktail for those with a potential interest in yachting onboard one of the Riviera’s most eye-catching superyachts.

“The idea came from a friend of mine who was in exactly that position a year ago,” explains YPI Broker, Will Allen. “We realized then what a great opportunity it was for guests, who were already in the Principality, to have the chance of visiting a luxury yacht with the opportunity of being able to talk to brokers and managers about yachting and yachts. Add to that a refreshing glass of champagne and the Port of Monaco as the glittering backdrop…and it’s all really quite pleasant.”



On this occasion the yacht hosting the soiree is O’KHALILA, an eye-catching 46-metre (150ft) semi-displacement motor yacht, the first PJ 150 in the Palmer Johnson Sport Yacht Series and a regular head-turner on the Riviera.

“She’s a fascinating yacht,” adds Will. “Very sleek, very spacious and very fast. A great example of a charismatic semi-displacement motor yacht and one we are very proud to represent for sale.”

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