Adventure Yacht Charters

Dive, surf, climb and tee off – no matter your favoured outdoor pursuit, a yacht can take you there in style and comfort. Set a course for adventure on board a luxury yacht charter.

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While the epitome of luxury and relaxation, a charter yacht is also the ideal vehicle to bring you to your favorite adventurous activities and outdoor pursuits anywhere in the world. Whether it's scuba diving, fishing, heli-skiing, glacier exploring, surfing. exploring by submarine or playing the best golf courses that gets your heart pounding, a superyacht can take you there.

ypi charter scuba diving
Snorkeling in the tropical waters

Best of all, after an exhilarating day enjoying the outdoors, you can retire to the lap of luxury aboard your yacht. Relax on deck with your cocktail of choice, relieving well-worn muscles in the spa tub and replaying the day's excitement in your mind. A yacht is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle. Many have gyms on board so you can keep in optimal shape for your exploits, and the spas that are replete with hot tubs, saunas and steam showers will ease any pains and pulled muscles earned along the way.

ypi charter plus biking
An exhilarating day in the Norway mountains
Download the YPI Essential Guide to Charter 2016

The YPI Essential Guide to Charter 2016

Content originally appeared in the YPI Essential Guide to Charter 2016, produced in association with Boat International Media.

It should go without saying that if you're into watersports of any kind, a yacht charter is the ideal vacation. Instead of staying in a hotel in order to enjoy scuba diving, why not have a luxury yacht take you to the best spots in your private tender, avoiding the crowds, of course. Avid divers will enjoy a yacht charter in Raja Ampat, Indonesia – a chain of islands as beautiful as it is deserted, where you'll nary see another boat for days except the rare dive live aboard. The diving here is spectacular, the diversity of macro life like nowhere else, and while you dive you can see manta rays dance overhead in an amazing display. This is also the ideal place to enjoy hiking to lookout points above unbelievable island formations and see the rare Bird of Paradise on a nature walk.

ypi charter and snorkling indonesia
Wreck in Bali, Indonesia 
ypi charter plus hiking
Hiking to unbelievable lookout points

Those looking to check off some big “bucket list” dives can accomplish these on a yacht charter. In Australia, dive the Great Barrier Reef and afterwards take in the glorious archipelago that is the Whitsundays. Or visit the Blue Hole in Belize, marveling at the depths of the brilliant blue dive locale and enjoying a charter through the pretty islands off Belize. Many charter yachts have scuba equipment and their own dive masters who can plan the ideal dive itinerary and certify new divers as well.

ypi charter and scuba diving turtle
"We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us"
"Wakeboarding in Antarctica? A luxury yacht can take you there"

If surfing is more your cup of tea, charter a yacht in Costa Rica – or Fiji in the South Pacific – and have the tender take you out to some of the biggest breaks. Your crew can link you up with the best surf guides and instructors in any location to make sure you are in on all the action.

If kite-surfing is more your speed, a yacht charter in the Dominican Republic or Aruba can take you to the best beaches for high-flying, kite-surfing addicts.

ypi charter and kitesurfing
Best beaches for high-flying, kite-surfing addicts 

Want to wakeboard in Antarctica? It might sound far-fetched, but superyacht guests have done it before. There's also diving to be had in these frigid waters, proving that pursuing your favorite watersport in unbelievable locations is closer than you think with a luxury yacht charter. 

ypi charter plus antarctica hiking
Ice hiking in Antarctica

It's not just watersports that are easily accessible by yacht, cold weather adventures also beckon. Try ice hiking with a trusted guide in Antarctica or take a tender ride to explore glaciers in Alaska. After a day out in the brisk cold, you'll be back on your yacht in minutes, warming up in the sauna or even in front of the fireplace, an amenity found on some yachts, before settling in for a gourmet meal.

And who says a yacht charter in the Mediterranean in the winter is unheard of? Some yachts camp out all season in the Med, or in the newly favored cruising ground of Montenegro, putting you only a helicopter ride away from fantastic skiing and snowboarding. 

If leaving the first tracks in fresh powder is more appealing, try heli-skiing. A charter in Chile can bring you to the best heli-skiing, and while here you can also explore the country's desolate deserts and the mind-blowing landscapes of Patagonia.

ypi charter and snowboarding
First tracks in fresh powder in Chile

Maybe your idea of adventure is more of the scientific exploration variety. There are expedition yachts that have been refitted just for this purpose, boasting research labs and submarines, ready to let you play explorer for the week, diving to the deep and connecting with nature on another level.

ypi charter and scuba diving
Connecting with nature on another level in New Zealand

A yacht charter can also bring you to less extreme pursuits, such as fishing, golf and horseback riding. Follow the billfish circuit in The Bahamas or cast off in Costa Rica and Panama, with many larger yachts offering their own sportfish boat as part of the package. And what better way to visit multiple Caribbean golf courses in one trip than sailing to them by superyacht? 

ypi charter plus golfing
Playing the best golf courses

If you can dream it, it's likely your charter yacht can take you there. Plot a course for adventure and a vacation you'll never forget.

ypi charter and kayaking
Tekapo lake in New Zealand
ypi charter and site viewing landscape
Mount Batur volcano in Indonesia
Download the YPI Essential Guide to Charter 2016

The YPI Essential Guide to Charter 2016

Content originally appeared in the YPI Essential Guide to Charter 2016, produced in association with Boat International Media.

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