An introduction to yacht charter


Want to live out your wildest travel fantasies? Whether you dream of visiting glamorous ports, being pampered in paradise, exploring islands untouched by man or enjoying an unforgettable family vacation, a luxury yacht charter will deliver.

King Edward VIII of England, later the Duke of Windsor and a man who knew his way around the world of luxury yachts, had a comment that should be seized upon by anyone considering the charter of a luxury yacht.
“The special charm of a large yacht is that it enables presumably responsible people to combine the milder irresponsibilities of a beachcomber’s existence with all the comforts of a luxury hotel.”
How right he was. The very essence of a vacation aboard a luxury charter yacht is one word: dreams. Your dreams. Turning your dreams into the memories of a lifetime for you and your family.

Content originally appeared in the YPI Essential Guide to Charter 2016, produced in association with Boat International Media.

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A typical day in your life aboard a luxury yacht charter starts when you pad barefooted onto the shaded after deck of your yacht, where your crew has laid out warm croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice and an icy bottle of champagne. You settle into a comfortable chair, survey a nearby beach lined with palms, and wiggle your toes with pleasure on the sunwarmed teak deck. What should you do today?
You might snorkel the reef where the rainbowcolored tropical fish swarm around your mask. Perhaps it’s time for a ride on a jet ski. Or your captain might suggest moving the yacht to a nearby harbor where, tied to the quay, you can watch the crowds strolling on the waterfront while your gourmet chef serves a leisurely al fresco five-course meal that would put many Michelin-starred restaurants to shame. Or perhaps you might do nothing, and instead retreat to a cool spot to enjoy a good book.
Your crew stands ready to pamper you with every possible luxury. The merest hint that you might like to try kayaking or a stand-up paddleboard, and one is ready for your use with a crewmember to teach you the finer points. Want to put the first footprints on a beach, or stage a treasure hunt for your kids, complete with a “discovered” map that looks suspiciously like the nearby island and which leads to a treasure chest of gold (chocolate) doubloons? Just say the word.


As the Duke of Windsor noted, you are taking all the comforts with you, so there is no packing or unpacking, no car journeys to yet another hotel. Just your own luxurious suite awaiting you.
And you can choose where you want to go in the world, as long as there is water. When your home and office are swept with icy winds, with slush on the streets, and temperatures in the single digits, you might choose somewhere where the water is so warm that, when you stand in  it, you can’t tell where the water stops and the air starts. Think Caribbean islands, maybe the Seychelles or even the volcanic peaks of Bora Bora.

"Yacht Charter vacations are about fulfilling your wildest dreams"

Perhaps faraway places appeal, from the golden temples of Thailand to the deep fjords of Norway, or maybe you’d like to have your captain put the yacht against an Alaskan glacier so you can have a chunk of thousand-year-old ice in your gin and tonic. Yacht vacations are about fulfilling your dreams, finding your passions, and creating memories of a lifetime.
But, you say, I can’t stay out of touch for that long. Piffle. The fact is that luxury yachts probably have better communications systems than you have in your own office! From satellite communications to Wi-Fi and video conferencing, you’ll be able to keep an eye on business while your family plays.


How can you explain the sheer joy of watching with your kids’ faces light up as dolphins cavort off the yacht's bow? Of lying on a deck lounger gazing up at the sky pierced with millions of stars? Of racing on jet skis in a beautiful harbor that’s all your own?
The unexpected might be found aboard your yacht, when your crew surprises everyone with a pirate-themed dinner, complete with costumes and décor. Or when they take your family and friends to a beach, where there is a picnic prepared, complete with a “golf course” in the sand.
Your yacht will be equipped better than most 5-star hotels. There’s a spa tub for everyone to enjoy (or perhaps just the two of you) and perhaps a sumptuous spa, well-equipped gyms and a movie theatre. Fly in by helicopter to not waste a minute in enjoying your vacation.
Your yacht crew will already know your exact food preferences, and the bar will be stocked with your favorite libation, all served with “white glove” service better than you’ve ever experienced.

Whatever your dreams, chartering a luxury yacht is the best way to turn them into fond memories.