by Damen

a true crossover of luxury yacht building and highly capable professional shipbuilding, the SeaXplorer range by Damen, ranging from 55 to 100 metres, sets a new standard in  go-anywhere, do-anything expedition vessels.


luxury meets capability

An introduction from Rose Damen

“These yachts can do amazing things in spectacular places, with helicopters, submersibles, and toys,  all in complete safety and style," says Commercial Director of Damen, Rose Damen. "They all share the core SeaXplorer attributes: compliance with the IMO Polar Code, long periods of autonomy at sea, and the crossover of superyacht luxury with professional capability. A SeaXplorer is at home just as much in the South of France as it is in South Georgia Island. It’s luxury when you want it, capability when you need it.”


Discovery & exploration

Ultimate expedition statement

Make the most of spectacular destinations above and below the waterline with the SeaXplorer’s full dive and submersibles centre, full complement of large tenders and vast range of water toys. The high-volume capacity also includes extra accommodation for expedition guides, pilots and crew.


polar extremes

Safety in the ice

In unique polar landscapes of raw beauty, the SeaXplorer gets you up close to wildlife and islands in complete safety, thanks to its polar class and IMO Polar Code compliant hull. In fast-changing ice conditions, the SeaXplorer's double-acting hull can even safely break through the ice.


heli operations

Explore by sky

For off-the-beaten-track exploration, a helicopter is an essential asset for scouting, exploring and heli-skiing. The SeaXplorer offers a complete floating heliport (primary certified helideck and standby surface) with a below-deck hangar to protect your aircraft from the elements.


Reduced environmental impact

Global autonomy

In areas with limited or non-existent shore-side support, the SeaXplorer offers full luxury service for up to 40 days without port call, thanks to its huge tanks, fine dining provisions, stores and crew facilities. Onboard technology enables uninterrupted cruising in zero-discharge zones such as marine reserves.


unbeatable views

Observation deck

Never miss the action with panoramic views from the SeaXplorer crow’s nest and bow point observation lounge. Offering a luxury experience for 12 to 30 guests, the SeaXplorer range features hundreds of design features, based on real expedition experience and Damen’s military shipbuilding pedigree.

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