Judy Meri

Digital Content Manager Monaco

+33 6 23 48 35 42
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Speaks English Arabic French

Born in the vibrant Middle East and having embarked on a journey to France a decade ago, Judy is fluent in Arabic, English, Turkish and French.

Her academic pursuits intertwined with diverse cultural experiences in both the Middle East and in Europe where she obtained her master’s degree in digital studies.

Embarking on her professional journey, she started her career in the yachting industry, where she now anchors her passion. Beyond her love for yachts and traveling, Judy's interests extend to technology and social media, embracing both the serenity of the open sea and the dynamic world of digital exploration.

Judy Meri

United Arab Emirates

Dubai and the UAE captivate visitors with their opulent charm, making them a favourite destination for those seeking luxury and adventure in the heart of the desert.

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