Josianne Avedis

Crew Manager Monaco

+33 6 28 51 33 04
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Josianne was born and raised in the South of France. After residing in Austria and Dubai for a few years, she moved to Paris to continue her studies before returning to the South of France to pursue a career in yachting.

Her experience in the industry spans eight years, working her way up to the position of Yacht Manager and then specialising in crew to become a Crew Compliance Manager. Josianne joined the YPI Yacht Management team in 2021 to oversee crew management across the YPI managed fleet. In her spare time, Josianne enjoys interior design and travelling with her family.

Josianne's favourite destination


My favourite destination is the UAE for its incredible evolution (my father lived there in the early 70s before the UAE existed) which I have been lucky to experience. I feel very grateful to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and witness the many different cultures in this area.

UAE, Dubai