Nora Todorova

Yacht Manager


  • English
  • French
  • Bulgarian
  • Russian

+377 99 99 98 74

YPI Monaco

About me

Born in Bulgaria and fluent in English, French, Bulgarian and Russian, after graduating with Masters degrees in Business Administration and International Business Management, I moved into the world of luxury fashion and jewellery in charge of product creation and development. Friends soon enticed me into luxury yachting, and as a yacht manager I ensure the smooth and efficient running of our management fleet. I love being part of a busy and experienced team who get on well and enjoy what they do.

My favourite destination


My favourite destination is Corsica, Isle of Beauty. The ancient Greeks sailed into its dazzling turquoise bays and declared the island Kalliste: the Most Beautiful. Corsica is a wonderful land, where all is colour, all is light. I have been many times and take every opportunity to go back to this magical island.