Gilbert Linyon

Web Developer & IT


  • French (France)
  • French (French Guiana)
  • English (United Kingdom)

+377 99 99 94 37

YPI Monaco

About me

I grew up in French Guiana, South America, and spent all my time outside, exploring the jungles and the volcanic Îles du Salut. Returning to France at the age of 22, I studied as computer engineer and trained in Paris with a PME (small business service). For the next few years, I worked as a web developer in Nice specialising in luxury hotels before joining YPI in 2018. I’m excited to work in a multicultural company and learn all I can about yachting - and look forward to perfecting my English!

My favourite destination

French Guiana

My favourite place is French Guiana, where I spent my childhood. It has warm welcoming people, South American culture and incredible nature, including part of the Amazonian Rainforest. I visit every few years to see family and friends.